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Psychological teacher " classmaster tastes " too thick
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Like example to guide, like to issue an order. Confronting the student that comes round to seek advice, teacher of psychology of a few middle and primary school always puts no less than teachers this part, was full of ” of “ classmaster flavour.

I am afraid of “ namely psychological teacher example me. Woman student of ” second year in high school is young gem (alias) tell the author, she is tall to be about to rise 3 is having a lot of bewilderment, want to look for a person to partake very much, but she cannot start to talk namely and psychological teacher says, teacher of psychology of for fear that is met example she. Small gem say, there once was a classmate to had sought advice from this psychology teacher in the class, and psychological teacher says general principle with her all the time, final small gem still hit retreat a kind of drum used in Chinese operas.

2 schoolgirls small poem expresses first, the psychological teacher of the school not only like to have education to them, still can have a hand in a canal even they. Once two students were troubled by contradiction, among them a student looks for psychological teacher to pour out, psychological teacher seeks another student talk. Small poem says, although know psychological teacher is,stem from well-intentioned, but she feels psychological teacher resembles ganger either kind, be in charge of too much, or else is willing to look for psychological teacher to chat. The author understands in interview, because not be fond of the thick “ on body of joyous psychology teacher,classmaster tastes ” , many middle and primary school are born to flinch to psychological teacher.

The ” of “ classmaster flavour that experiences to the student, the teacher of psychology of bright red surname of some high school expresses, the student has bewilderment to look for her, she can be shared together with the student, can not be educational the other side merely. The king of some high school surnames psychological teacher to say, regard psychology as the teacher, each have each advisory color, but for the psychological teacher to major, do the meeting when seeking advice and student to resemble the communication like the friend, and rather than stands in classmaster locally, commanding example guides.

“ is very oversensitive the part consciousness of manage teacher is stronger, can give ’ of flavour of student ‘ classmaster too heavy sense. Adolescence of professor of psychology of ” Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai teachs Zhang Zhigang of professional committee chairman to express, the meeting when many psychological teachers are doing psychology to seek advice takes the note that example guides insensibly, although be question, having however not allow the command mood of student doubt.

Psychological teacher should notice the pattern that he speaks, guide a student to make a choice, and rather than wants attend school to be born by his subjective meaning.
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