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How to undertake to the student mental health is taught
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One, hear Jing thunder at breathed place

In actual life, in us all round put in such phenomenon, the student is brought about because of a few bagatelle fight affray, then causes group of beat up because of brother personal loyalty again and cause person death. Teenage crime shows ascendant trend.

Before a few years, newspaper, TV station is announced, shaanxi 12 girls of a class, because psychological lose feels, collective commits suicide; High school of 17 years old gives birth to Zhejiang Jin Hua the psychological pressure that can'ts bear a family, killing oneself mother; Henan a teenager, because of be to be in by person frame a case against bazaar stole a bicycle, the child reachs its mother, because cannot bear so great psychology pressure, cause die an unnatural death; After the high school student with an especially good achievement watched TV, committed suicide; Even undergraduate, graduate student brings about the suicide because of psychological problem also there are plenty of such people. Such a variety of evidence, say palpability undertakes to the student mental health teachs adequately, yo is no time to delay, imperative. Undertake to the student mental health is taught, family, school, society has obligatory responsibility. But because student student is vivid time is much, consequently the school especially the student's classmaster undertakes to the student mental health is taught, appear especially important. For this, classmaster must have certain psychological knowledge above all, study psychological situation of the student next, want to study the student's general character already, more important is the individual character that studies a student, ability suit the remedy to the case, had taught each student.

2, student longing understanding, communication —— is much with student confabulate

Life lives in social environment, his grow cannot leave an environment. The high school student in developing a process at psychology longs to have a good environment, long to get the understanding of others namely, long to be communicated with the person. A “ understands banzai ” to call the aspirations that gave how many adolescent. The student contacts most person during school is classmaster, long to get the understanding of classmaster most, also like to be communicated with classmaster most. So classmaster should make fine division of the student already, should become the student's helpful friend more, become one with with the student. The kill that such doing, the student is willing to be close to with you, be willing to say one's innermost thoughts and feelings to you to listen, reduce the fear in student heart to feel, this pair of healthily development student psychology are very advantageous. The student of Zhejiang Jin Hua kills a mother, investigate its are important one of reasons, it is this student was not communicated with maternal psychology well, do not have the understanding that gets a mother more, just bring about the happening of massacre. And on the other hand, if this are unripe,can say one's innermost thoughts and feelings to classmaster to listen, can get the understanding of classmaster, via the psychological education of classmaster, massacre won't happen. So classmaster should much with student confabulate, communication psychology, understand a student, allow development of student mental health. [1]
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