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Build the firm protective screen with respect to mental health
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In the practice that works in moral education, we experience: The mental health that cares an undergraduate and the thought that care an undergraduate grow, it is very important likewise.
From December 1994, since mental health of my courtyard undergraduate teachs a center to hold water, around education of undergraduate mental health, our work steadily, finished “ project of 7 one ” : It is the leader orgnaization that a mental health teachs, 2 it is the pedagogic team that developed education of an enthusiastic mental health, 3 it is laid a piece of mental health education that gives priority to body with the student defends net, 4 it is to build perfect the administrative system that a mental health teachs and program, 5 it is to be a student to open a mental health to teach a course, 6 it is to establish to get mental health outpatient service of the student, 7 it is the platform that compose built the psychology on a net to seek advice. Pass this “ project of 7 one ” , for me courtyard undergraduate is built had a solid mental health protective screen.
It is the leader orgnaization that built education of a special responsible mental health, and establish the guiding ideology that mental health teachs. Education of mental health of my courtyard undergraduate coachs the center held water in May 1994. In real work, party committee runs a mechanism through establishing perfect government, make education of undergraduate mental health becomes job of academic moral education to manage the one part in the system gradually, the content that expanded undergraduate quality is taught. Be driven to work with psychological scientific research and deepen mental health to teach, my courtyard established undergraduate mental health to teach an institute 2000, enhanced the development reserve strength that mental health teachs my courtyard.
2 it is the pedagogic team that built education of an enthusiastic mental health. Come for years, we built to be a backbone with full-time teacher, hold professional and union, complementary, structure concurrently only the team of job of education of undergraduate mental health with reasonable, good quality. My courtyard is engaged in what mental health teachs holding two or more posts concurrently only all the year round personnel shares 10 people, basically come from department of division of student point, company, propaganda department and duty teach management to fasten psychological staff room, it is psychological professional finish school or the teacher that had accepted education of normal mental health to groom. In recent years, we study a task certainly according to current situation of student mental health on one hand, strengthen the education of the professional knowledge of mental health tutor and ability ceaselessly on the other hand, the business level that makes them taller.
3 it is laid a piece of mental health teachs 3 class to defend net. Current, my courtyard net of 3 course work already perfected mental health stage by stage, form by class (student member of company of be good at heart) —— is class (department psychology coachs teacher) —— courtyard class (mental health teachs the courtyard directive center) the net of defence of mental health education that make, maintained the student's mental health in the round. We still built psychology to coach the teacher is made, deploy 1-2 renown psychology to seek advice from a teacher to every department, assist each department to undertake psychology teachs the job, solve all sorts of psychology problems of the student in time.
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