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The choice harvests a success actively
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Enter advisory room to just sit calm, xiaoxiao complains with respect to babble ground: “ I am irritated appeared, the everybody in the dormitory seems to follow me to dry: Make a racket, do not tell sanitation, the life does not have regular —— I am not borne, I do not want to see those people! ”
That one belt that grows in Xiaoxiao is a mountainous area, he is small famous gas. Parents is docile and obedient to him, because, his school work is in circumference is how many lis the most outstanding, he takes an ancient folding chair of class cadre firmly how many years.
Come to an university, began association of as round-the-clock as the classmate's “ ” . From the class cadre that appoints temporarily, “ becomes a full member ” is minister of department student union, ” of his “ official career is plain sailing, but human relation is in a complete mess however.
College fellow student, it is the person above average in competition, oneself should be among them maintain advantage difficulty not small. Xiaoxiao general study and working platoon became full oneself entire program. This comes, he does not search to give leisure to be able to chat with classmates simply, with everybody more and more appear unripe cent.
Whether can “ use his idea do the means attempt that can you accept and classmate undertake communication? The ” proposal to the teacher Xiaoxiao continuously ground shakes his head: “ although ’ of present ‘ a loner is bad to suffer, but I do not like before and the person interacts, that meeting gives birth to a lot of troubles. Besides, I should hold a dominant position in the university, not allow really easy, I am spent again without energy go up in those moonshine. ”
Coach the teacher asks Xiaoxiao observes he is in above all when, conflict with classmate happening below what circumstance, and the kind that conflict has and the result that create. Then, ask Xiaoxiao abandons criticism, acting be apart from in order to maintain a paragraph, observe in the round as far as possible. Are such advisory both sides starting point focusing jointly when conflict happening what is effective response of Xiaoxiao? Feeling how? What action to take? Why do such reaction and be why do such reaction and other? What consequence does oneself reaction bring to others? Search him —— of such a few answers to the response with properer what you still can make again next? If will such consequence be how?
In this one process, ask of small desolate explore the concerns with conflict circumstance idea that oneself exist, him such as must in every respect successful; Oneself or others did bad thing unpardonable; Exterior reason creates the problem, etc. Then, made to these ideas again examine, right new, more reasonable can offer an alternative turned over an idea to undertake seeking, such as to the queen's taste impossible; Err thing can be excused; Painful more cause by unreasonable idea, etc.
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