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Inferior healthy, to tall 3 come over
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 Tall 3 “ popular ” inferior healthy
Inferior healthy psychology is to pointed to office worker to appear in high-strung working environment mood the mentation such as angst of much dream of grave, unresponsive, insomnia, Mondayish by day, be agitated, the office worker that has this kind of mentality although not sicken, but already had the tall danger tendency that produces some kind of disease.
Inferior healthy psychology is a healthy idea that advances from office worker body originally, now however to tall 3 come over.
High school student is entered tall 3, live in the environment of great pressure, fast rhythm, iteration ego acknowledge, introspection. Ceaseless exam, ceaseless ego is analysed, make Gao Sanxue gives birth to those who be in exhaustion of high body and mind inferior health. And, nervous study, heavy psychological pressure, exceeding exhaustion is Mondayish, make Gao Sanxue is born to hold actively what lost pair of school work sometimes.
An investigation of Shanghai makes clear: Half the number is high 3 students suffer psychology inferior health is invaded. Shanghai learns schools of pair of this school etc in some key 150 Gao Sanxue are unripe undertake investigating, the exhaustion of student private prosecution that has 75.66% comes extremely, the student of 63.82% claims to review in Gao Sanxue the without new results heart in repeating is born wearily, the student of 39.47% every are met to the front of take an examination of angst is disturbed. Although majority learns unripe a bit to did not loosen the university entrance exam to review, but the student of 60% says frankly study mood cannot upsurge from beginning to end, what make a person indissoluble most is, anonymous anger is very great, but break out without energy again. Give birth to the description that reviews to Gao Sanxue from Gao Sanxue, we can see about inferior the shadow of healthy psychology.
Tall 3 a n experienced person say —— so
Tall 3 should read even Bai Jiaye ground do exercise in school work, brimless practices, unending exam, let all from tall the 3 students that walk over feel horrible. Gao Sanxue is unripe constant ” said the “ before in July is “ black in July ” , and July 789 these 3 days say is “ black ” is medium in July 3 the darkest days! And time of the university entrance exam changed 2003 in June, tall the student of 3 says: “ this year June is black, june 7889 it is 4 the blackest days. The student that ” loses out says: “ arrives every year that 3 days two, I can have ineffable heart-throb. ”
Tall 3 reading such unripe saying ——
We are in such Gao Sanhuan condition in: Everyday electric bell resounded through the sky at 5 o'clock, be on duty namely next of teacher whistle bleat, breathe out namely next breathe out the ground gets up, clang clang underwater acoustic. After 15 minutes, the lamplight of the Bai Liangliang in the classroom fell to come out from the window. The person in the classroom is full, the word on time card is Gong Gong. To 7 o'clock when, electric bell rang again, then everybody emerged in succession. Of the toilet on ran, of the dining room on ran, breakfast must be finished in 25 minutes. The gate of the school is being locked up closely, there is the banner of wrongly written or mispronounced character of a red background above: “ is apart from the university entrance exam still had 58 days of ” 2003, both sides still has a two pairs: “ does not issue hell, ascend heaven ” hard.
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