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5 kinds of skill should be stressed when criticizing the child
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No matter be parenthood, still become a teacher, when the child makes a mistake, very few can sober find a kind of appropriate and effective method, consult to the person especially, the person awards be as follows with secret recipe:
When the child makes mistake, parents often blames the child blindly, hit the child even, did not stress critical skill, the result is gone to toward things go contrary to one's wishes. So, when parents criticizes the child, should notice what to skill master?

It is in a low voice

Parents should criticize the child with the sound under ordinary conversation, "Low and strong " sound, can cause the child's attention, make the child notices to listen attentively to the word that you say easily also, this kind in a low voice " cold treatment " , the result that often compares loud rebuke is close friends.

2 it is silent

The child once err finishs sth, total afraid parents can blame him, if what he wants no less than, the child can have one to plant instead " as if relieved of a heavy load " feeling, also objected to what criticism and oneself make mistake; Contrary, if parents keeps silence, the child's psychology is met instead nervous, can feel " uneasy " , meditate then oneself mistake.

3 it is a suggestion

The child makes blamable, if parents inspires the child can calmly, do not criticize his lapse directly, the child can understand parental intention very quickly, be willing to accept parental criticism and education, and do the proper pride that also protected the child so.

4 it is to change a position

When the child offended what the trouble suffers parents to scold, often can shift responsibility to other body, with escaping parents scold. Right now the most effective method, it is to become the child the fault that defend oneself by sophistry is others, when having nothing to do with with oneself, retaliate him " if you are that individual, how can you explain " , this can make the child thinks: If oneself are others, what should say? This meeting makes major child discovers he also has fault, can make his him introspection the mistake other of all responsibility impute.

5 it is timely and measurable

The time idea of cheeper is poorer, the job that produced yesterday, ased if to had spent better day, add child nature amused, the mistake that just made forgot in an instant. Accordingly, parents criticizes the child to want to strike while iron is hot, cannot dilatory, otherwise, get twice the result with half the effort

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