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Boycott is alluring
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Student an account in one's own words: Bubble of all day long is in the Internet bar, I already addiction, should how does “ jump does ” come out?
I am tall 3 students, original study result is advanced all the time in the class 10. Last term of second year in high school accidental opportunity, the good friend takes me to play network electron game. Before computer, I am OK follow one's inclinations, move forces, direct fights, exceedingly is delighted! From this, gradually indulge report swims medium battle of wits fights brave. Begin to play on the weekend only, developing to play gradually later is all the day all night. It is when write down the longliest 5 night played 5 days when winter vacation, unkempt has been when walking out of an Internet bar, sloppily dressed, my Mom sees me that appearance is very aching at that time.
Play after electronic game, the have one's mind stuffed with when attending class ceaselessly scene of flash electron game, cannot focus attention, exercise cannot be finished, achievement drops point-blank, a few homeworks fail. I also know, oneself develop so go down, all up of the university entrance exam, the future will be destroyed by electronic game place, my true not reconciled to, oneself also once were an outstanding student, but be like now was to wear like demon, be determined for many times Buddhist monastic discipline is broken always was not to cast off the impulse that plays report to swim however, help me jump out please evil hands!
The truth uncovers close: The behavior that become addiction is a kind of negative psychology with morbid state satisfies means
Because the certain behavior that become addiction can make adolescent forgets the trouble in the life and discomfort temporarily, obtain a kind of clammy satisfaction, so often be hard to extricate oneself. For example because some classmates encounter a few difficulty on study, they often do not wish to pay pains to meet a challenge again, however the competition of evasive reality, faineant, inevitable meeting goes searching a few other innervate to replace, and report swims wait for fill of mobile as it happens of their heart feel with lose emptily!
In actual life cannot get contented thing, sufficient satisfaction can get in electronic game. Here listens to the nag that is less than parents already, do not have a teacher again censure, the friend untangle loneliness that can find gout agree with each other is doleful, behead of the pass a barrier in game will triumphal move, the satisfaction of conquer adversary feels, can make them subconscious depressive unsatisfactory gets abreacting adequately.
The behavior that become addiction often can cause serious undesirable consequence
as a result of afore-mentioned reasons, one kind when cause report to swim to become contemporary adolescent with the network has the action that becomes addiction liability highly, they control report to swim hard as actuation as what get online, they forgo study and other normal activities, the charge that swim to report to raise money even and gets online, they need not choose method.
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