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In a low voice drizzle
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To the student of piquant make trouble, individual teacher is used to loudly rebuke, appear to just can behave the teacher's dignity so only, ability makes student understanding and the error that correct oneself. Little imagine is done so can bring about a student to generate contrary sentiment, create the rift of teacher-student relationship. If can the psychology according to the student, with kind manner, low tonetic have education, can resemble spring breeze drizzle moist everythings on earth is same, produce the result that expect making a person is less than.
Above all, the education that “ moves ” in a low voice can the ” of “ psychology pressure of slow down student, the exposure of facilitating problem and solve.
The student fears to criticize, also bore mood preachs curtly, this kind fears, cheesed, it is a kind of potential psychology burden. The student got the teacher preachs the “ with criticism entertains ” , this kind of burden is met psychology of translate into “ exceeds weigh force ” , the student perhaps can turn a deaf ear in the “ in the heart ” , the surface is in listen with respectful attention, “ heart ” hides however elsewhere; Because consider a teacher,perhaps meet how will deal with, and become angst uneasiness, spirit is nervous; In the meantime, what ego protects is natural, can make a student make ” of “ psychology defence again, so that be before the teacher,also dare not wish to speak the real situation. At this moment, the tonetic channel that if teacher can use kind manner, low delay, persuade, the student is met the comfort that obtains mentally because of the teacher's act. Nervous nerve is gradually flabby, the mood was stabilized, heart knot unlock, the problem was exposed, the teacher's education was accepted easily also.
Next, the education that “ moves ” in a low voice can be abate and even the “ that eliminates a student is gone against turn over psychological ” .
There often is such student in the school, they are thought moral is abominable as a child, refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition, because this often gets the reprimand of beyond the mark severity. What can say they are to accompanying rebuke and harsh tone is homiletic and grown. In these student key points, the teacher is not but the person that cannot be close to, and abhorrent. As a result of the mood oppose strongly, generation is gone against one kind turn over psychology, be opposite so the teacher's requirement, often entirely refuses. Although be forced to accept, also not be ground of genuinely and sincerely act accordingly. Can do exactly the opposite even occasionally, a disturbance is carried intentionally in the student, direct “ mischief ” , stealthily with the teacher to work.
Those who reduce criticism is tonetic, calm consider sth as it stands, can be in give a student a kind of good suggestion at the beginning: This critical unlike is the “ stubble ” that looks for a student of purpose, not be to want to take the opportunity more punish student, however ground of real intention of the real situation should help a student search a question, correct an error. Such, student nature can loosen the guard psychology to the teacher, admit the teacher's talk. If hold to such doing for a long time, the student can transform slowly the view to the teacher, self-conscious and abate and even eliminate “ to go against turn over psychological ” , those who change acuteness is contrary the accredit that is sincerity, the truth that tells according to teacher place goes study, life and be an upright person.
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