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Mr. Ma is online: Sexual psychology experiences and do not hamper your chastenes
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Equestrian teacher:
Hello! I am girl of a second year in high school, had done not have joy 3 years. There is ” of knot of a lot of “ in my heart, live in panic everyday. Ask you to help me.
This is concerned with the thing below probably. , the seat was done not have on the car, I am standing face-to-face with mom. When I am syaring blankly casual to on the side glanced sideways, 20 come year old the girl is ferocious ground glare I am one. At this moment the bosom that I just discover to I am staring at mom all the time is bemused. I fear people looks me is a bad girl. From now on I am afraid of the bosom that sees a woman. But, do not let oneself look more, want to look the more. Occasionally, I lie in float of the meeting in the brain on the bed to reveal two ridgy breast, of brandish do not go. A pair of fist appeared in brain subsequently, exert all one's strength ground brandish is being hit. I have this kind of illusion via regular meeting. Myself is a female, why such? Still have a thing. First 3 when, a schoolboy is on the side of my. Because I look toward him, be the same as with respect to what listen to this schoolboy the desk is right he says, I always see him, say I like him. Down to I not dare face there looked. But my eye is sneaking, be afraid of the more look, blamed eye the more face there look. After this, the schoolboy sits by, in my heart panicky, and my eye looks at book obviously, feel to look on edge of hold office at court again however in the heart. Slowly, the thing all round always generates interference to my attention, I feel my eye always is the thing beside strabismus. I if only my eye is blind. On classroom, I come to book pile to hold off the line of sight, do not let a teacher see me, more do not let me see a teacher. To the classmate I also am such.
I feel the person of this world is fed up with me. I feel I am particularly dirty, resemble me the person with such moral bad character, study also is done not have very much again with. You say, I am a very dirty girl, do I return can be saved?
A longing gets the girl Zhou Linlin of the help
Zhou Linlin's classmate:
Hello! Mr. Ma knows you are very painful. But, mr. Ma should say, the sexual psychology experience that you cannot be kind to yourself causes this.
Mom's bosom looks on the car, why is you can be afraid that people says you a bad girl? Excuse me my speak bluntly, because you see mom bosom,that is when, thought in the heart a few you think bad thing. We need not go you thought canvass after all some of what, but the thing that can be sure you are imagined is concerned with the gender certainly. The bosom that is mom caused you of a lot of concerned sexes associate. This calls a gender the illusion on psychology. The female's breast is significant sex character position, cause sexual hallucination the most easily. Say as to you why oneself are met as the girl such, because be the same as,be a female, your mentally can do not have the bosom that visits mother pressure. If be the opposite sex, dare you stay to look slow-wittedly how? You read the boy's state of mind, just be the expression with the most natural experience of your sex psychology. Opposite sex photograph is sucked, this is the heart road course that every little male girl has had, it is normal human feelings, it is the properest the feeling that does not pass. Like on the sly to see a boy, the hope gets the boy's jubilation, it is the nature of each girl that walks into adolescence, it is affection thinks of a kind of hazy Huai Chun, it is a girl needs one paragraph grown by affection road. Anyhow, the gender imagines He Huaichun affection to think of, it is normal and natural sexual psychology phenomenon originally.
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