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How to undertake to the student mental health is taught
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3, the student needs to pour out, abreact —— classmaster is ash-bin of high grade “”

The high school student is the important level that the body and mind in lifetime develops, ying Shunji is natural, promote their health to grow. But face obtain employment of enter a higher school, pressure especially psychological pressure is great, though pressure is the motivation that life grows, pressure is greater, power is greater also, can make a person grow. Tick off carry out for example undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth, xiang Yu burn one's boats, it is the success that pressure place brings. But because can't bear bearing,also have pressure, cause the case that die young. For example, " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " medium Zhou Yu passes because of psychological pressure namely big and while still alive died to gas. To growing medium middle school says natively, pressure is too great, exceeded him bear ability, that not only do not talk to go up turn into motivation, meet those who affect his lifetime grow instead. The student can have a lot of contradiction in life study: Between the student, student and between teacher assuming a tax, between student and domestic member, between student and neighborhood, these keep long in stock cover tightly at psychological anger, as time passes became psychological pressure of the student, the method of only is to let a student abreact come out, with pressure of slow down psychology. At that time amiable classmaster is the student is willing to recount inner anguish most, abreact the boy or girl friend with psychological close anger. That is to say classmaster wants appropriative student to abreact affective is high grade “ ash-bin ” . In the meantime, classmaster encourages a student to resent in what the class pours out him in the meeting, encourage a student to abreact with means of epistolary, diarial the anger in the heart is frowsty, allow a student to have his secret, with slow down pressure. If the student of that killing mother has an opportunity to pour out his anguish, abreact the dissatisfaction in the heart, namely additionally one kind of ending.

4, student longing admiration, praise —— to organize an activity more, make a student successful

The person hopes to get the admiration of others, get others praise, the student in growing has this mentality more. Have so everybody knows a fact, the student likes to take game office most, investigate its reason, treat not do one's best, school administration not to reach the designated position besides social put together, thoughtless, student has the family besides pocket money and free time, the reason that still has a serious psychological side is: Much is in sport plane those who praise and so on is extremely admiration, rich the utterance that teases a gender. Like “ you are worthy of be a hero, your dishy, of good appearance. Congratulate you heartily, fulfiling one's promise challenge? ” so the student can sample on sport plane successful pleasure, enjoy recognition reputation. This fact con explained, student especially poorer unripe, the admiration that gets in the school, praise too little. So classmaster should praise a student more, with the psychological pressure of slow down student, make its health grow.
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