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How to undertake to the student mental health is taught
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Exam of a phase went, to the student with good achievement, want to praise them of course, their psychology gets satisfy and be balancinged. Can be poor to achievement student, should how does “ praise ” they? 12 girls collective commits suicide even if achievement differs Shaanxi, psychological pressure is too great, just led to such tragedy. The person has a few glitter to nod, have a few strong point. To the student with poor grade, classmaster can dig their flashy dot, praise them. For example, organize basket ball game, let them exhibit elegant demeanour on field; Constituent board signs up for contest, make them clever the pen gives birth to a flower, natural and smooth writing; Organize small-sized cropland track, let …… of their a scene of bustling activity not only can eliminate a student the group consciousness of the brother personal loyalty of the sort of Meng Long, and make their psychology gets satisfaction with the balance, had successful experience, psychology develops with respect to meeting health.

5, those who decide student destiny is not a mark however student of ideal —— help establishs ideal

Although we are in early critically serve as with proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade measure a school to succeed standard, but it is before be apt to of exam system unfinished, whether attend a college or be decided with the mark. This makes the school, classmaster must value the student's score, supervise and urge persistently the pupil learns desperately, increase a mark, and the mentality that ignores a student right-down is experienced, in fact the student feels to drab study psychology wearily, feel the life is uninteresting. A dialogue of two child cowherd was broadcasted in TV, also can say the ideal that is child cowherd: The lifetime of child cowherd puts an ox namely, wait for grown finish marriage to give birth to the child, the child becomes child cowherd then again. After the high school student with an especially good achievement looked, so conjectural: Effort study, one's deceased father attend a college, marry to give birth to the child next, the child catchs effort study to take an examination of an university again. So simple, what meaning does the life have? Committed suicide then. Still have the suicide of those undergraduates, graduate student, there is no lack of among them psychology is insalubrious person. They did not establish the ideal that makes contribution for the mankind, did not place the value of life. So, classmaster muster attends a meeting thematic class, xin listens the student's view, help student establishs ideal, make progress of its mental health, the score that compares a student is more important.

The Lu Xun before half century is saved with respect to call out “ save child ” . Below the case that develops in corporeal life height today, the psychology that can be the child more thinks. Take a few practical step, save a student. Make a student justifiable can say, bad luck can be extended, have energy of life but discharge; The life that lets them is full of happy, be full of a hope; Do not make them anxious, do not make them silent. Otherwise, “ is absent silent in erupt, be in silent in ruined ” , consequence is unimaginable.
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