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The age that enter garden is too small cannot go up to learn frequency of nurser
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Shift to an earlier date “ of Yi Cheng of enter a school is junior unripe”

Chinese network news (reporter Wang Jing) set according to the country, age of enter a school of one grade new student is 6 one full year of life, specific time is in with respect to card on September 1. But many impatient parents hope children will have a bright future the heart is cut, let the child go to school ahead of schedule, result child suits hard, study does not follow to go up. The reporter investigates discovery, elementary school of road junction of market of Hong Shan region one year is junior the half the number in be born did not arrive to learn the age.

Zun Jinsong of this school vice-president introduces, when they recruit one grade new student every year, can encounter many children the parent of insufficient age asks to invite child enter a school. Compare close child to the age, although the school already was recruited according to circumstance take into consideration the circumstances of the child a few, but the requirement that still cannot satisfy the parent.

Zun Jinsong emphasizes, because goal of nursery school and means of elementary school education, education is different, the child with small age often gets used to ability to be not worth, do not follow easily to go up. This school in the student with one grade poorer grade, 50% above did not reach age of enter a school. In the meantime, these children are behaved in behavior, provide for oneself the respect such as ability, psychology and other student photograph are relatively clearer than difference. Accordingly, to common child, still had better come according to school regulation, of successive go to school.

Spoil things by excessive enthusiasm wine a bitter pill to swallow

Bright bright (alias) this year 10 years old, in green hill area the elementary school on an elementary school 6 grade. As a result of as a child glib, mom thinks to shine bright clever, acceptance is rapid, be in bright elementary school sends him ahead of schedule when shining 5 years old. On the class, bright bright age is the smallest, build also compares other child apparently small. Classmaster week teacher says, just began shift, shine with respect to the feeling bright attend class do not sit, attention is not centered, provide for oneself ability is poor. Go up the result of Shi Liangliang of grade of just a little is bad, place end in the class all the time.

Bright bright Mom says, be afraid that the son drops out at that time, signed up for class of several take lessons after school to him, oneself also coach in the home the child, but achievement go up not to go as before, can loath pass a barrier. Read 34 year, the son begins to write a composition, difficulty of a few course increases, reciprocal is discharged on the class a few. To 56 grade, bright bright begin not to do home work, and be tired of study. Mom says to complaint of classmaster week teacher, very regret to let him go to school ahead of schedule at the outset, wish to let him now answer read.
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