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7 years small scrip deepens affection of mother and daughter
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The parent has what word to say to the child, write on small scrip, stick in the home to be communicated with the child. Yesterday, the reporter saw go in for sth in a large scale this kinds of a lot of when parent of a student writes grade elementary school to her daughter communication scrip.

The daughter handsome handsome of Ms. Chen is to go in for sth in a large scale grade elementary school the student of 5 grade. Ms. Chen introduces, prettied 3 years old or so to have from handsome after reading capability, she begins to trying to write the small scrip of a few different content to her. In the child's pencil case, in toy chest, even on the freezer door in the home, on the mirror, if the child can see, the place that the place that can find puts scrip likely into her.

A few pieces of scrip that the reporter sees Ms. Chen is revealed, there is “ above exercise is done well today if why can ” , “ be late to ” is praised etc and be criticized today, also have recommend a good book to the daughter, perhaps leave thinking small issue, return those who have pair of a few problems to discuss even. Handsome handsome says, “ sees these scrip, I feel very interesting, also feel parents is communicate in equality and me. She says ” , means of this kind of communication had undertaken more than 7 years, she every pieces of scrip kept a father and mother, save well, still be met occasionally and parents looks together.

Ms. Chen says, there can be a surprise when she hopes to discover these small scrip when child meaning other place, also let her can the attention that bona fide feels parents and love.

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