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The age that enter garden is too small cannot go up to learn frequency of nurser
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Mr. Zhou says, from teach ten years to come, had contacted many resembling that shine to shine such child. Of these children provide for oneself development of ability, intelligence and classmate child photograph are very older than existing difference. Because the age is small, can cry mostly after these child be thwarted or bring a lawsuit against to the teacher, still a few children are compared apparently on expression, movement, language other child is babyish in the class, “ says with common saying, a lot of moment feel they are burnt ” .

Peng Shuzhen of vice director of the lab before city teachs division courtyard to learn says, below market economy, competition pressure of intense, enter a higher school already moved below virtually nursery school. Do not be defeated to go up in the scratch line for “ ” , some parents let the child enters garden ahead of schedule or go up elementary school, from come up somehow saying is one kind spoils things by excessive enthusiasm. Nursery school attends since regulation of Ministry of Education is 3 years old, elementary school attends since 6 years old, decide according to rule of development of cheeper body and mind. With 6 years old child photograph is compared 5 years old, of intelligence development far apart, of the child self-restrained capacity of force, attention, human truck and fight setback ability to wait the requirement that short of goes to school, the parent cannot act too hastily.

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