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Partial nursery school " elementary school is changed " serious parent fears be
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“ mom, I do not think nursery school. ” recently, lady of domestic son's eldest son discovers daughter of 5 years old always is downhearted. Since the daughter went up after nursery school the top class in a kindergarten, classes are over everyday come home to exercise is done.

Ms. Sun that lives in lake of Chinese mouth north introduces, daughter this year 5 years old, in the top class in a kindergarten on nursery school of place of Home Cai Tian Yi. Daughter from on begin to learn phoneticize and arithmetic since middle shift, hind of the top class in a kindergarten begins to learn Chinese character and English again on. There is exercise to want to do after the child returns the home now.

Ms. Sun says, the daughter can know a few more than 100 Chinese characters, English words now, meet those who do 100 digit less than add subtration. She says frankly, competition is so intense now, nursery school does not learn to nod knowledge more, be afraid that the elementary school on the child does not follow to go up, but present condition lets the daughter again she is very anxious, fear epiglottis learns after the elementary school on her.

As we have learned, nursery school offers elementary school course, teach child bead the phenomenon of mental arithmetic, Chinese character, English, privately run be compared in garden in the part serious.

On November 29 afternoon, reporter with parent identity dark visited lake of Chinese mouth north a private nursery school. The propagandist language of mouth of this garden gate is very conspicuous: Foster talent children! Stick on the classroom wall of the top class in a kindergarten full greatly small Chinese character card, children are attending English class, there is “This Is A Tree of a few English sentences on blackboard (this is a tree) ” .

Introduce according to teacher of this an old surname, setting of course of the top class in a kindergarten has English, Chinese and maths, teaching material is introduced from the other place. She says, press education plan, the top class in a kindergarten teachs 300 Chinese characters every months, english besides teaching a word, still teach a few sentences and dialog. Current, phoneticize teachs basically already, maths already taught 1000 digit add subtration.

This garden chief says, the child of the class before this garden learns has begun to study poetic statement, current, partial child already can be recited " humble room inscription " , " ooze garden spring · snow " .

The relevant file of national Ministry of Education and bureau of Wuhan city education makes clear a regulation all the time, forbidden “ elementary school changes nursery school education ” .

Later period influence

Polarization of “ of elementary school new student”

Because a few children are in,” of “ start of a race shifts to an earlier date when nursery school, the phenomenon of ” of polarization of the “ in elementary school new student is more and more apparent. In one grade new student, some can admit read all phonetic alphabet, know thousands of Chinese character, fluent recite a text, already learned 100 less than to add subtration even, can carry multiplication a pithy formula on the back; But some children are not done at all.
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