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What should the shoe notice for darling choosing?
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When some parents are buying a shoe for the child, go up in design design and color very make great efforts, the quality of a material to the shoe, size, function however often unwary, because down to child wears a shoe undeserved really beautiful money does not please the abnormal …… that creates a base. When buying a shoe, notice please the following 3 unfavorable:  

Had shoulded not be the serious offence is small

The child's shoe shoulds not be too big, more unfavorable too small. Should with a bit more largish advisable, the matter that such doing is: Shoe crosses Xiaoyi to cause deformation sufficient, shoe passes injury of big easy loiter, trip. Children, especially the children before school age, be in grow the important period of development, each organs of the body all not development is mature, skeleton is full of flexibility, changeful form. If shoe is too small, the child can feel crowded foot. If shoe is too big, run not fit well, very easy trip, appear easily also loiter injury. Shoe is a bit more largish, add a pair of insole to be able to close a base very much. The base that becomes the child was brought up, smoke go insole, still can continue to wear period of time.

When buying a shoe, notice even easily him child is worn. The child should have such a few lives to provide for oneself stage by stage ability, if oneself buckle solution button, wear footgear. The shoe is a bit more largish, meeting easily him child is worn.  

Unfavorable wear strong base leather shoes

Some parents like to buy strong base leather shoes to the child, feel already creditable, durable. Do disadvantages outweighting the advantages so actually: The permeability of leather shoes is poor, strong base leather shoes lacks flexibility, if the size of the shoe is again improper, make the child's foot becomes unbalanced probably.  

Unfavorable wear high-heeled shoes

Many children, especially the girl, like to imitate adult to wear high-heeled shoes, this is extremely adverse to their body development. Wear high-heeled shoes to walk flabby, the girl wears high-heeled shoes to be able to increase in-house organ the pressure to hipbone. And the girl pelvis of this age is united in wedlock not firmly still, be like bone shift, the happiness that will affect manhood hind lives.

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