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Child composition always is how a few words does
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The phone is Ms. Guo of 888**105: The elementary school on the daughter 4 grade, writing a composition always is a few words, resemble writing down running water Zhang. Look after children go out to play, guide her to watch a thing, but the child's composition still be just empty verbiage, and written or mispronounced character of easy clerical error, punish after copying, wrong still. How to raise composition level of the child excuse me?

China medium Xiao Yi of li of teacher of elementary school Chinese: 3, 4 grade are the crucial phase that the composition starts, to the child character, the most important is to accumulate. The parent is sure to keep in mind two principles: Read time should be ensured, read content wants extensive. 4 grade student, everyday at least 40 minutes arrive one hour read time, with Zhou Wei the unit differentiates, two days see class of of the same age write a composition, two days see high grade composition, two days read famous book, return the book that one day child proper motion chooses to be interested to read. When read, the parent wants to communicate with the child. If fall asleep before or before going to school the following day, read with chatting means refer content, want the child to tell those who give his to experience; Be like fairy tale story one day to be not read again, might as well let the child guess the story clue from the back.

Except fixed read outside time, experienced pen is very important also. A week two to 3 experienced pens, can grow but short. After be being written, the parent give feedback the opinion for a short while. If child memory has been compared, might as well carry a few beautiful line and paragraph on the back. Accumulate over a long period, gains will be very big.

In addition, 4 grade child writes wrongly written or mispronounced characters easily, also be relatively common phenomenon, the parent ought not to be worn the child's face is anxious, let the child have pressure, the parent should put forward to improve sexual opinion.

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