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Encourage acceptance encounters sincere letter to oppugn a daughter " force " gu
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Final of distance middle and primary school and be on winter vocation to still have period of time, had had the student rewards ” to assure to obtain exam “ and against a rainy day. Yesterday, one student parent represents elementary school of benefit benefit grade, daughter and parents signed final to reward “ guarantee ” ahead of schedule, in order to assure ” of oneself “ rights and interests.

Ms. Liu introduces, the daughter is this school the student of 5 grade, achievement ranks before 15 less than on the class. Because enter high year, ms. Liu raises a requirement to the daughter, affirmatory she, if this final wants before 10 to be able to take class, reward her dress of a famous brand, with two toys that she likes.

It is only originally oral if going up, ms. Liu did not think of the daughter admitted true. Several days ago, she gave parents a piece of paper, ask them to sign. What write above is with parents name makes sure “ realizes a promise certainly, the exam achieves a requirement to give promotive ” to wait, still listed the exam place that answers relatively with the specific content of award. Final Ms. Liu signed her name after all.

Ms. Liu also thinks over say, although the daughter is person having a place impish big, but the acceptance that also reminds the child that she wants to treat her seriously.

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