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12 years old of child are about to abandon learn to work the parent this do
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I did not learn “ ! I should go out to profiteer. ” midterm 6 classes are gross 200 minutes, child of 12 years old is in the home be angry, threaten wants suspend one's schooling to go out to work. Yesterday, the incoming telegram speaks of the son's suspend one's schooling is enunciative, ms. Zheng that lives in Han Yangcui small way groans.

Ms. Zheng is an assistant, the husband works after one company does carry out, annual does not exceed 60 days in the home, most time is in charge of the child alone by her. Son this year 12 years old, in Han Yang on one junior high school first one, result is very bad.

The child after “ midterm did not wish to go to school. ” Ms. Zheng introduces, son midterm is very bad, 6 classes take an examination of 200 minutes only in all, chinese achievement of lowest only 18 minutes. Because classmaster says son study manner has a problem, she persuades son “ to want hard to learn ” for this. But the son replies however: “ reads have with, still let me go out to work as breakfast profiteer. ”

Ms. Zheng says, now son very be disgusted with learns and total find an excuse is truant. “ reads useless ” and “ work the pet phrase that profitable ” also becomes him, want parents to carry study only he with this conflicting. She ever wanted to let a son experience one day office worker lives, lend an attempt the idea that hardships will come to change him, but the son does not deserve to close. The family learns sentiment at one's wits' end to the son's be disgusted with nowadays.

Expert of ” of hot line of parent of “ of courtyard of city teaching division comprises Mr. Yuan Yuyong to analyse, the one result at the beginning of Ms. Zheng son is bad the continuance that is consistent study state actually. Long-term success not beautiful, the child forms “ very easily to learn anyway bad, learn the state of mind of ” well why. In addition, the child realizes state of change school work is very hard and endless, because this emphasizes using,work make money replace read, this is he borrows a way additionally to get the parent to agree with protective self-respect.

Yu Yong says, ms. Zheng is divided try to coach outside child school work, more need to encourage the child actively. In the meantime, want to accept the reality of hardship of child achievement change right-down, await the child's change patiently.

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