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Nursery school thorough checks alexipharmic lamp to take child episode
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Beijing farming old nursery school is shown working error parent denounces a view to eat shut a senior colonel of farming of a thick soup to grow Chen Zhangliang to hear the news make known one's position

Go up a period of ten days of the middle of a month, each media reported the capital in succession Chinese agriculture college on the west campus nursery school is old 2 teacher is pointed to to use ultraviolet ray to disinfect be related of lamp illuminate impo. Many 20 parent was handed over jointly to nursery school complain material, hope garden square thorough is checked, but the courtyard just did not give clear answer from beginning to end. Yesterday, the parent and media reporter came to waited at 7 o'clock in the evening partly at 3 o'clock from afternoon in nursery school doorway, but leave up to the reporter, this garden controller did not appear from beginning to end. The reporter interviews Chen Zhangliang of agricultural university president through the phone, president Chen expresses to will instruct thorough to investigate this matter, to the parent and media one fair show.

Big child of 2 half the number already turned field

Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock half, the Chinese agriculture college that the reporter will come to be located in Haidian area on the west campus nursery school, although had not arrived,receive child time right now, the doorway already gathered many big 2 children parent. Their some sends out to other class parent material, some gathering that consultative move settles way.

A few parents tell a reporter, after incident happening, a lot of parents fear the body and mind of own child is healthy, because this has half child 2 classes greatly,already turned via was being dealt with garden formalities. One what just finish class is big 2 little girl says, they are original lunch 4 desks, there is two desks child only now.

The small grandchildren of Ms. Zhao this year 6 years old, ms. Zhao just did to turn to grandchildren yesterday garden formalities. “ formalities does quite smoothly, they (field square) it is better to hope those who transfer is more of course! ” Ms. Zhao says so. Her grandchildren says, the teacher once opened ultraviolet lamp to illuminate them for many times, because their “ chaos moves random conversation ” ,the reason is merely, the teacher says or else simple minded gives them ” disinfection ” . Is the teacher when is “ disinfected in which? ”“ is outside toilet and door. Are you in ”“ which? ”“ I hide in the table next. ” faces the reporter's ask a question, this little boy of 6 years old replies so.

Await garden 4 hours to just did not appear

Not little yesterday parent awaited from afternoon at 3 o'clock partly, but till much at 7 o'clock in the evening reporter leaves when, still did not see garden square controller appears personally answer parent. Just arranged many staff member to guard field the passageway of nursery school. The entrance door that when receiving the child originally, opens also did not leave yesterday, other class parent receives the child to also change a wicket on the side, the parent receives pass in and out of ” sending card by “ , large quantities of reporters are blocked to be outside the door.
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