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The parent should become him TV station
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“ parent should regard him as TV station, go attracting the child this audience. Group of report of couplet of Chen Zhong of institute of education of family of ” Guangzhou heroes reminds the parent change teachs a concept when ” of school of parent of “ of morning paper of be a guest of rainbow of member high mountain.

On November 30, ” of school of parent of morning paper “ visits elementary school of garden of Han Yangmei marvellous, mr. Yue Hong did a theme to be to entire school parents " pass the success next generation —— the special problem that contemporary children teachs and countermeasure " report.

Yue Hong explains, any TV station forces an audience impossibly to look, run oneself program weller and weller only, attract an audience to look. The parent should not blame the child how so not obedient, the opinion that does not press the parent comes, and should seek an account from parent oneself first, change teachs a method.

High mountain the teacher told a real story: Guangzhou ever had the boy of a 5 grade to love to watch TV particularly, come home the first thing is holding TV in the arms to look namely, one day father was driven beyond forbearance to break TV really, who knows a son to say “ father however you buy stage TV to me again rapidly, otherwise I will not go to school tomorrow ” . Later high mountain the teacher supported one move to the parent, let child mom call a son actively to watch TV everyday, early in the morning rises to say “ son to the son, will see TV ” , the son classeses are over pulling son “ , watch TV! ” anyhow hour talks about “ to see TV ” aside in the son, spent a week so, the child classeses are over come back to find mom “ mom actively, do not open TV, I do not see ” .

Do not teach the child strange others

The habit gave parents the problem is others incorrect, little baby came up against a chair to cry, a lot of parents are met so say “ darling does not cry, it is this chair bad, visit mother (father, grandfather, grandma) hit it. The thinking habit ” that this is “ strange others is in ” cause trouble. The child that education comes out leaves in means of this kind of thinking, cannot get used to the development of new era in the future.

Teach the child to love parents

Research makes clear, one the individual's success, intelligence quotient occupies 25 % only, and business takes love 75 % . Teaching the child to love parents is absolutely good to child affection business education method, the parent can ask the child waits these special days to write in birthday of father's day, mother's day, parents, him birthday be thankful letter, the condition that develops the child through these act business.

Let the child rely on his

The parent should teach the child what thing should rely on him, do not have the dependent mentality. Some parents are in casual what can reveal a society to the child is unjust, “ is such-and-such because have tiring-room ” ,getting promoting to a high office is if these are inactive, also meet infection child, the failure that is oneself seeks ground. A successful person always is seeking a means, and the person of a failure is seeking ground always.
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