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Experience type study exposes a family to communicate a problem
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Wuhan 6 in the Dai Zi that distributes the 2 year at the beginning of school depends on the irritated a load on one's mind that spoke not to think even parents to tell to a new aunt yesterday, she says: I and parents have “ acting channel, said they also pay no attention to solution. ”

Yesterday, student of more than 600 junior high school, parent, teacher attended this school together the theme holds the sun ” tomorrow in the palm to experience type studies an activity jointly for “ , throw a ball through collective, get the play such as circle of part of speech, good communication, accredit is mixed between study person and person appreciation, and most child is experienced the deepest is with stranger face-to-face confabulate.

Dai Zi depends on the thing that said to be misunderstood by mom to that aunt, a few days ago mom lets her wash clothes pants, to be washed neatlier, she puts garment pants to the bubble in the basin a little while, be blamed to be “ to think lazy ” by mom. Should ask her why incorrect mom explanation, she says however: “ mom croaks at that time say oneself resemble a servant in the home, I explained trashy also. Besides at ordinary times she asks me study only, I say she does not mind other issue. ”

Spirit of one schoolgirl plum hard gold is opposite first a justice labour uncle is told, she wants to be communicated with parents very much usually, but they are too busy. This semester turns Li Yu spirit to Wuhan, her mom is in Nanchang, the father that works in Wuhan often is away on official business. After the activity ends, she tells a reporter: “ and uncle chat I am very happy, he returns channel I should understand parents, they also very not easy. ”

The communication that still has partial child and father and mother is not little, but because parents teachs methodological problem,fail to obtain good result. When Chu Yinan gives birth to Ceng Xianghao and an uncle confabulate, express, contradiction is troubled by with the classmate previously, be criticized by the teacher, he can communicate with father, but father is blamed namely besides criticism, end in order to quarrel every time, to later he is flat whats did not say.

Attend classmaster Liu Lin of the activity to think together with the student, this is interesting activity, children feel very loosen very free. Mr. Liu says again: “ also exposed the parent and child to communicate medium problem at the same time, no matter be the parent or teacher,I think, the person that do auditor of a bend to compare certainly is better. ”

The parents that join an activity also feel to benefit a lot. Li Yu's clever father talks about experience hind in public in the daughter, after the child embracing closely before going up, say: The speech of “ child touched me, I also know her state of mind, should smoke bit of time to accompany more really later accompany her. ”
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