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Family education " black intermediary " summer vacation make a profit in trouble
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Arrive summer vacation, the business of family education intermediary and air temperature rise together, ” of black intermediary of a few “ also seizes the opportunity fish in troubled waters.
“ packs the high grade family education that ” comes out

Ms. Guo lives in city Dong Hechi to enclosed ground for growing trees, read aloud considering son second half of the year first 3, summer vacation just began, ms. Guo looked for to coach for the son English family education. However the phone of family education intermediary is Ms. Guo from 114 check, the phone hits the past before long, family education intermediary recommended a female undergraduate to come over. At that time, the staff member of family education intermediary assures to Ms. Guo, this undergraduate has letter of 6 class English not only, the English achievement that is in the school also is be among the best of candidates. Pass try out one round, see the working attitude that the other side faithfullies carry out the duty, ms. Guo recruited the female undergraduate with this severe surname. Be in with the son in chatting, ms. Guo is informed severe classmate accidentally and had not attended English 6 class take an exam, when putting forward to examine 6 class certificate to its, severe classmate admits he had not attended an exam at all. “ did not think of family education intermediary is returned so can out of thin air. ” Ms. Guo is unavoidable the feeling that produced to be decieved, communicating with family education intermediary for many times not below the circumstance of fruit, ms. Guo was obliged to ask the concern of a lot of friends, looked for to coach for the son from the school again English teacher.

For the false or true of intermediary of one explore family education, the identity of undergraduate of duty of reporter in an attempt to dialed the telephone of intermediary of a few family education. The staff member of intermediary of a family education austral the city tells a reporter, intermediary charge is 100 yuan, if want without certificate of grade of of all kinds English to teach English, need not raise the issue of certificate to the parent so, and can undertake beautification to individual information appropriately. Around the city on the west the staff member of intermediary of a family education is directer, she tells a reporter, the job that Ren Fu of most undergraduate Dou Nengsheng guides middle and primary school is born, pack for the student appropriately, also can let the guardian more be at ease.

Summer vacation works experience “ black intermediary”

Want to seek the job of a family education in summer vacation time, be cheated to go however cost of about a hundred yuan of intermediary, before before long, an undergraduate that carry on promotes engineering college of institute of unity and coherence in writing encountered such kite “ black intermediary ” . At that time, this student looked for alleged the intermediary of own school, in the other side vow solemnly under, this student pay about a hundred yuan intermediary charge, did not think of next the other side also did not have phonic message again. After him discovery is decieved, this student informed against this matter to academic teacher, through investigation, just discover make use of of this intermediary company school name, after diddle gold, also do not contact again.
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