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Summer vacation time grooms feel embarrassed of labour of family education of un
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“ stood one day in vain again, the work of family education searched too hard now. ” undergraduate Xiaoli is learning school gate mouth to say so to the reporter.
The reporter is in and entrance of college of normal school of city district Taiyuan sees, roadside has many applying for to become the undergraduate of family education, there is the sign of ” of “ family education on everybody hand, initiative formed market of a family education. As we have learned, they are the students of normal school institute more, also have the undergraduate students that a few other school come to and graduate student. Big maths of a hill is big the female classmate of 2 tells a reporter, it is good to hear here is compared search, was attracted, but waited two days or did not harvest.

Yesterday midday 11 when make, a lady that prepares to seek family education just parked electric car in wayside, a flock of students were surrounded instantly come up, enquire the parent's requirement, contend for promote him “ to have experience ” . In a few minutes, after the parent remained the connection way of a few students, left, everybody is very disappointed. A of division courtyard male fellow student introduces, the family education work of this summer vacation searchs very hard, not only the parent's demand is very high, and the price also is pressed very lowly, oneself already were fried twice inside a month, if this week cannot be found again appropriate, he comes home with respect to the choice.

The reporter understands, as a result of this year summer vacation time all sorts of grooming the class is very much, opposite undergraduate family education, groom of the class collect fees not only inferior, and consult education outline is applied religion, the teacher often has teaching experience more, accord with the need that should try, because this gets the favour of a lot of student parents. A parent expresses, actually the key is education quality, want the child to have fun at only, achievement can rise, price is good discuss.

Groom as summer vacation time the grow in quantity of the class, it is more and more difficult that undergraduate husband teachs.

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