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Tell science to know endowment to weigh family education
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“ resembles Mozart such prodigy, because inchoate education dug his musical talent, just brought up talent of a music, education of program of some kind of education does not come out, otherwise, why to teach plan according to this kind, does education go more Mozart? ” is on children endowment and seminar of successful education popular science, mark of genetics doctor Chen Fei is passing multimedia to explain the scientific knowledge that teachs the child and method to community parents, those who pulled open Chinese toon to cultivate teenager of sunshine of street summer vacation time to act is prelusive.

Recently, chinese toon establishs street division assist with syndicate of research center of project of country of biology chip Shanghai children endowment and successful education seminar. Doctor of Chen Fei mark demonstrates the pattern that is united in wedlock through using site report and multimedia, from disentomb the child's endowment sets out, share the new thinking that teachs the child with the parent, communication teachs new method scientificly, solve the difficult problem that encounters in domestic education practice, accomplish teach students in accordance of their aptitude.

Dr. Chen listed the typical instance that at present a few parents hope children will have a bright future to teach failure however. In the time with intense competition, parents hopes the child has very outstanding show as a child, this is understandable. But if not the actual condition according to the child, execute training of certain special skill compulsively, slashing requirement child studies result must how, mix with respect to blame otherwise beat and scold, such going down, the child can become only more and more lose Tong Zhen and curiosity, become inflexible. Dr. Chen analyst grows the prime cause that teachs failure is to did not make clear genetic endowment of the child, foster blindly according to the apiration of adult only, spent a lot of money, however effects is very small, delayed the child to develop the optimal period of connate advantage adequately, some caused the serious consequence that cannot redeem even.

“ so, how to develop outstanding gene of the child adequately, where is science, successful education child? The parent of ” spot raised question, dr. Chen tells everybody, be about to discover connate ability of the child as the parent, science rears the child reasonably, such, child ability produces an advantage adequately, become the person that succeed.

On the seminar, dr. Chen explain the profound things in a simple way, vivid and humorous report won the enthusiastic applause of parents, obtained favorable result. After the meeting, a few parents teach child problem to be consulted to Dr. Chen with respect to what oneself encounters, communication teachs a method, benefit a lot. A parent says gladly: What this popular science seminar does “ is good, let our parent change way of blind before education, what understanding is connate education, accomplish teach students in accordance of their aptitude truly, scientific Yo person. ”
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