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It is a bit difficult to wait for domain undergraduate summer vacation time to w
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Annual holiday, the undergraduate wants to work accumulate social experience, be on working station to prepare in the future for oneself. However, a lot of undergraduates feel now, it is not easy that holiday wants to look for an appropriate casual laborer.
Before before long, have a holiday those who come back is provincial Lin Yujie of some college student says: The major that I learn “ is money is met, have a holiday this come home, I want to use holiday to look for a company to do accounting work, but do not have a company,be willing to recruit casual laborer. The undergraduate that wants to work part time in holiday like ” and Lin Yujie is servantchoosed a person for a job unit with recruiting casual laborer for close the door on. Still some people did not find proper job, go doing other work constrainedly. Wang Fang is among them one of. Wang Fang is the student of Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Qinghai Normal University, she sought summer vacation the job of portion sales promotion. She says, originally she thinks secret of article seeking a share works, because do not have an enterprise to be willing,can recruit casual laborer, she must apply for a job additionally. The reporter understands, at present enterprise of provincial capital majority is not recruited short-term the person that work, the undergraduate basically is centered in the domain such as sale of family education, sales promotion, market

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