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Apply for a student to pull family education of accept an invitation to dinner t
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Our newspaper on July 26 hot line message 23 days, when aid reads grinding small Wang Yingpin to make teaching in home, unexpectedly not only earning money, still was cheated to pay back 1080 yuan smoke cumshaw.

Xiaowang is provincial capital the graduate student of some university 2 grade student, after putting summer vacation, to reduce the burden in the home, also exercise oneself at the same time, discuss to come out to make teaching in home together with the classmate, released pertinent information.

On July 23 afternoon, xiaowang receives the telephone call of a man, this man professes to surname piece, the child in the home is going up elementary school 4 grade, need coachs the family education of English and maths. Both sides agrees in the phone hind, xiaowang arrives by the car via 7 small abb shop sign of 6 bus stations is in, by that piece surname man receives a station.

Controlled at 5 o'clock afternoon, xiaowang drives both sides to conventional place. After meeting, zhang Mou tells Xiaowang he builds design firm to work in, the wife opened a storefront, the child is now over there the wife, want to wait for a wife to bring back the child.

Meantime, zhang Mou keeps receiving all the time call, be like the appearance with very busy business, and the thing to family education, both sides did not talk a lot of. This not only did not let the doubt since Xiaowang, let him a kind of “ finds the excitement of big customer ” eventually instead. Passed a little while, zhang Mou is determined to want to ask Xiaowang to have a meal. Then, two people walk into the restaurant of a small seafood around together.

Enter hind, zhang Mou begins to rise busily again, not be to pick up the telephone to call namely, order dishes downstage a little while again, still make a round trip hotel of pass in and out is counted second. The intermediate thing that he is including one packet with newspaper from downstage recapture. Begin, small Wang Ye ever had doubt, but Zhang Mou is very fast every time come back, gave up again his misgive. Just wanted to prepare to have a meal, zhang Mou received a telephone call again suddenly, tell small Wang Shui next: “ has a friend to also want to have a meal, I must go out to receive him, come back immediately. ” says, he was taking that packet of thing to go out.

Half many hour went, small Wang Que does not see Zhang Mou come back. Right now, xiaowang worried a bit, hasten the telephone that dials Zhang Mou, but the other side of speech clew “ already closed machine ” . Flurried Xiaowang is holding last hopes in the arms to come downstage, the result is informed that Zhang Mou not only without settle accounts, still kept 1080 yuan Zhang sheet to Xiaowang. The Xiaowang that response comes dials 110 newspapers immediately alarm. Examine Zhang sheet, this ability understands Xiaowang: So that packet of newspaper includes the thing of the move, it is two value more than yuan 900 advanced cigarette!
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