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“ the salary that I take this month, my scarcely is spent in disorder casually, should put it rise take a commemoration day. ” Hubei university grinds one student Li Wen (alias) , work through summer vacation of two days the life, had to many things know with what differ completely before.
From on elementary school arrives read grind, li Wen's life is downwind all the time downstream. “ my parents is deal, the living conditions in the home should calculate pretty good. As a child parents lets me do what thing rarely, they work everyday busy, ask a person technically still last summer to arrive home in will to me cook eat. ” Li Wen says. Because become aware oneself live is too easy and comfortable, li Wen decides summer vacation gives him ” of harden oneself of a few “ this year. Before “ summer vacation, I find a job, to Han Yang the little boy of 2 grade does an elementary school family education. ”

After having a holiday at the beginning of July, li Wen began everyday the job. Because live in Chinese mouth, she had to get up partly at 5 o'clock in the morning, the station approachs continuously after washing gargle to end quickly, the car turns twice among, in assuring to “ employer Home ” reachs before 8 o'clock. I live in “ Chinese mouth, every daylight builds a car to have to spend two hours. I still have carsick trouble, then afflictive interest was not carried. ” Li Wen says, coach to the child after the homework, she still must be in charge of making lunch to little boy, this pair never issues her of the kitchen for, it is an enormous challenge. “ I am forced preexistence home lets mom teach me, drill a few simple dish first ripe, fortunately that child is returned not quite carry feed. ” Li Wen is laughing to say. Much at 2 o'clock afternoon bell, the parent of little boy comes off work come back, just when the sun of the head builds a car to come home,she must support again. Li Wen says, most let her feel tired, still coach to this child homework. “ he is not willing conscientiously ground sits to listen to my lecture, every time quiet not 5 minutes, it is in the home wallop, I have to follow at the back to catch him. Child parent knew, also did not ask more my what, it is good to let me take care of the child take care of the child went, final family education became ‘ nurse ’ , ‘ to accompany play ’ . ” Li Wen says helplessly.

Now, this family education of Li Wen had been done fast a month, according to everyday 30 yuan plan, she is preliminary him estimation salary has nearly 900 yuan. “ mom sees me everyday so painstaking, total meeting allowance gives the fund that water buys on my fare, road to wait a moment, add up be afraid work than me those who earn is much still. ” Li Wen says, “ my parents supports me to hold on, do not be other, with respect to the hope I can take exercise take exercise, what also experience them is not easy. ”
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