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Zi rich is forbidden and of all kinds teacher of class of take lessons after sch
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Rich of our newspaper Zi dispatch reporter understood from door of Ministry of Education today on July 28, zi rich city piece bureau of store division education begins to accept masses to complain since this day, on-the-job teacher uses summer vacation time to be engaged in paid of family education, once check solid, instruct instantly stop to violate compasses act, place of pursue and wipe out collects fee, cancel or defer its title to evaluate a competence, serious to the clue person give wait for processing of hillock, dismiss.

According to this area educational bureau is in charge of like-minded introduction, it is a purpose with gain, run all sorts of extracurricular take lessons after school illegally class and coach the practice of the class, violated the education order with regular school badly already, accentuated again the economic burden of the lesson burden with strange middle and primary school and student parent, it is normal to affected a student learn and live. To check effectively the teacher is paid of family education spread, piece store district decision checks the school and on-the-job teacher are engaged in stoutly paid family education (make up a missed lesson) activity, bureau of this area education allotted " about beginning paid family education is special the announcement that punish works " , print and distribute gives piece of store division to teach a system to instruct a worker. Ask any schools are same must not use holiday, double cease time of day, after school is held be born with middle and primary school those who be an object is of all kinds and paid class of culture take lessons after school, make up a missed lesson class, coach class and the course of all sorts of name kind increase a class. The requirement is cogent the management that strengthens all pair of teachers, the president is made to the society on behalf of entire school teacher forbidden and paid family education is open and affirmatory, every on-the-job teacher also is made to the school do not do paid the written consent of family education.

As we have learned, this area had been announced inform against a phone, on-the-job to discovery teacher undertakes paid the school of family education activity, offer the president and leader of school be assigned personal responsibility for notice of criticism, judge in the unit cultivate actor respect first one ticket is overruled.

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