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Ego of family education of undergraduate summer vacation time protects conscious
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Chongqing of Xinhua News Agency on July 28 special telegram (Zhou You, Huang Hua) summer vacation arrived again, a lot of undergraduates began his family education career again, but the reporter visited market of Chongqing part family education to discover a few days ago, in family education while, how to protect oneself, avoiding harm is undergraduates however the problem of general oversight.

The family education market with current Chongqing is to be in mostly periphery of college, middle and primary school is initiative formation roadside market, the understand one another between the student that pursues family education and employer is very few
, retain a program too too simple, it is a few words can knock calm brushstroke business commonly, such inviting process, no matter be right,parent itself or the university to pursueing family education say natively, go against safeguard oneself rights and interests. In college student dam of more Chongqing sanded level ground market of area family education, the reporter interviewed more than 10 undergraduate that awaits employer in roadside, they are mirrorred, do family education to compare difficulty originally now, if somebody is willing to ask them, the capacity that won't question employer too much commonly and a few relevant setting. Should be asked about when whether fearing to be cheated, the male fellow student of 2 grade expresses Normal University of a Chongqing, the schoolboy is not afraid of commonly, the schoolgirl should note a drop possibly. The flocculus that lives in in relief county of Chongqing city cloud is Chongqing Normal University big the student of 2, she is first time during summer vacation husband teachs, still do not understand the circumstance of family education market very much. She says, the status that how determines employer and be on guard him hellion also did not think good, "Won't encounter hellion commonly? "Won't encounter hellion commonly??

A parent that comes round to choose teaching in home for the child tells a reporter, now the mode of market of roadside family education, the person safety that is an undergraduate on one hand and belongings safety cannot get safeguard, on the other hand the parent finds the teaching in home with an education high level very hard also, bilateral interest gets very hard ensuring. The teaching in home that not long ago had the parent to ask certificate of a record of formal schooling that hold a holiday, false student's identification card comes home the son take lessons after school or work that helps oneself, result by pilfer a mobile phone and a purse. (be over)

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