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Coach the homework exercises haing city together " accompany a player to teach "
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Northeast net on July 28 dispatch recently, the reporter is in Harbin city mansion of Qiu Lin business, Manhadu sees before the shopping centre door such as the store, this year summer vacation time, added “ accompanied the undergraduate family education that appreciates ” duty to get the favour of numerous parent.
The undergraduate that lifting “ to accompany a player to teach ” fascia has the parent to enquire ceaselessly, under photograph comparing, the cold and cheerless of “ business ” of average teaching in home a lot of. The haing city that is surrounded by a few parents some college is big 3 students Zhang Xiaozhao tells a reporter, the parent is very tall to the requirement of family education now, hit only additional kind the attention that fascia ability draws the parent. He introduces his case to the parent at the same time with reporter conversation at the same time, “ I am school football team, can accompany the child to play football. ”“ if time allows me to still can teach the child freely to swim. ” does not have a few parents to leave a phone a little while, the plan employs he. Zhang Xiaozhao says, the boy that summer vacation time of his a classmate gives an elementary school 4 year does “ to accompany a player to teach ” , a month but income 700 yuan.

Parent Yuan Jianan tells a reporter, annual she meets holiday to seek a family education to the child. But the child feels disgusted to sit in the study in the home everyday very much, study efficiency is not tall also. She works at ordinary times very busy, look after children without time at all exercise. “ accompanies a player to teach ” not only can coach the child does work, still can look after children everyday exercise, kill two birds with one stone.

The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, a lot of parents call to ministry of family education of each college part-work and part-study system in succession look for “ of summer vacation time to accompany a player to teach ” , before many parents have a holiday, begin to book. The student that searchs teaching in home is given priority to with low grade. The controller of ministry of family education of some university part-work and part-study system tells a reporter, after summer vacation begins this year, the demand that “ accompanies a player to teach ” is shown involve litre of current, in the student that seeks family education, low grade student was occupied nearly 50% .

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