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Heibei complementary Lin teachs earth of Rong Shengyan Zhao orgnaization of oper
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Beijing on July 25 report / Hua Xun connects /- - of a few months of last a period of time make an on-the-spot investigation, recently, education of complementary Lin of Heibei of accredit of headquarters of net of 100 minutes of family education is comprehensive and mandatory the 7 earth mat such as Dan of Shijiazhuang, Tang Shan, Han stand, 7 websites were complementary Lin education to offer in swallow Zhao earth at the same time good transmit platform external, grow for broad home better and be in school is outstanding the undergraduate serves. The parent can choose the outstanding teacher that Heibei complementary Lin teachs in 7 websites already, also can choose the outstanding undergraduate of this locality college.
According to chief of market of complementary Lin education easy Wei vice-president introduces, education of Heibei complementary Lin is the professional man-to-man individual character that establishs through teaching director branch to examine and approve coachs, the managerial orgnaization that English teachs outside Dishini. This school from proceed with of strict choose teacher, invite the outstanding teacher of a school from high pay of Heibei each district, make give to be good at be being communicated with the student, the teacher of a gleam of that has experience of rich actual combat, they respect Le Qun of course of study, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, let a student be in happy and relaxed in improve result.
Through this powerful powerful combination, quickened the integrated pace of market of Heibei family education. Cogent it is difficult to solved a student to seek a teacher, look for good teacher's extremely difficult affliction, built a convenient and swift green passage for the parent and outstanding teacher, make full use of the resource of information age is shared.
Heibei complementary Lin teachs brief introduction:
Education of Heibei complementary Lin is by education Master and the teacher of a gleam of that teach experience for years establish, education of market scientific research, promotion, education teachs an orgnaization for the major of an organic whole. At present headquarters is in Shijiazhuang, have have 9 cent school; School of cent of and other places of Dan of Tang Shan, Han is preparing to construct in, education of Heibei complementary Lin is engaged in technically teaching a trade. Accumulated rich teaching experience, teach course with the foundation, teach a law to be essential, carry advanced educational concept, devote into at teaching a career, devote oneself to to become Heibei to teach the example that serves an orgnaization.
[Origin: Net of Chinese finance and economics]

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