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Magical function " super " learn a way
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Of the 4th bookmark and be apart of the 3rd bookmark farther, it is the content that before review and checking a month, learns. Generally speaking, before the course 3 rounds study and review, great majority content should be not had adroitly already master by accident. If still have right now not ripe the place with the mistake, want double vigilance, fill seriously leakage, make mark, oneself remind to notice all the more when be reviewed with equipment phase and be being reviewed always finally.

Above is the main content that super study revises a law, the place on put together is narrated, it has the following advantages:

The first, slow and steady, your person has a kind of dependable feeling, significant move, avoid to generate impatient, worry, learn not to go in, cannot dedicated wait for a lot of and undesirable study psychology.

The 2nd, when the province efficient, sound economy. Study of this law arrangement reviews interval reasonable, finish greatly less at what start over again is four-wheel reviewed time, what far however outclass undertakes alone is four-wheel reviewed result. Narrate because of the place before be like, round review after finishing, because of with the first time study time interval is too long, review often became again relearn.

The 3rd, supervisory feedback, be clear at the bosom. Try the method of memory again through raising a question, can understanding what part at any time is him master already adroitly, what is still, be opposite next the part of inexperience, center energy to hit war of annihilation, saved time already, assured the quality of study again.

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