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How is ant communicated
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The scientist is good not easy ability makes clear the communication means of ant, because ant and mankind are different, do not rely on vision and aural signal to communicate.
We observe the most easily, it is ant comes with body contact summon for trial, dab for example, stroke gently. Feel the companion's labrum gently with chela sometimes, the companion can spit spoon meat to supply.

Ant also can with sound summon for trial, it is nevertheless from abdominal surface phonate board the attrition sound that give out, frequency is very tall, our ear is inaudible. Ant also not “ listens ” , they are go up with the foot diagnose implement the soil that receives sound wave to cause shakes. After ant nest collapses, the ant of deep-set bottom screams with respect to meeting “ ” , let a companion come to help.

Ant is main with chemical signal communication. They have a lot of gland system all over, outside the body that secreting Fei Luomeng of Fei Luomeng —— is communication hormonal. Find alimental worker for example, when answering mew all the way abdominal extreme can secrete Feiluomeng, good guide congener.

Ant excretive expends Luo Meng not to issue 20 kinds, each are significant when making “ monomial ” , can comprise “ phrase ” again, pass complex information.

The social order of ant basically by formic the Feiluomengwei after is held with control. Some use its excretive Fei Luomeng to attract children to live inside mew, some use the development of depressive children sexual gland. Dinergate also can secrete the Feiluomeng that restrains development of younger brother and sister to become dinergate, because of the ” of “ formic mouth of all sorts of “ profession ” in mew, maintain certain proportion to just be helpful for the life of whole ant community, development.

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