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What is green is packed
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Face increasingly serious “ white to pollute ” , we ought to appeal use “ green packs ” , the green that says here packs what point to to commodity itself sells in the shop not only, the shop is additional after still including us to buy goods additional pack, want to use green to pack. Green is packed is to point to can reclaim use, have environmental protection function pack. Face the cry that requirement green packs, each countries took different step in succession.
Germany is packed to carry out green, made ” of standard of economy of loop of a “ technically, carry out with what legal form will make sure green packs the job.

After clever Swede passed research test of 10 years, invented benefit happy brick to be packed without mattress carton. The milk that uses this kind to pack, fruit juice, beverage need not be refrigerated can last 6 months. Cheng Caile can be made after its reclaim board, colour is happy board can do equipment of material of furniture, adornment, toy, sound to wait.

Carton of asepsis of happy brick of this kind of benefit packs the main trend that already made European liquid food pack. Annual and OK managing hard enumerated lumber, still can reclaim recycle, get the general welcome of people.

Branch of French government environmental protection stipulates commodity wraps mount to must imprint clearly the environmental protection sign that “ uses ” circularly. On food goods shelves, see plastic, glass wait for a kind to reclaim hard rarely pack, the benefit happy brick that the milk products of great majority, fruit juice and liquid food use Swedish place to invent carton is packed.

Our country also takes green seriously to pack very much, and other places of Hunan, Tianjin, Beijing already had manufacturer to produce it is OK that one-time tableware is mixed of degradation plastic. The branch such as total bureau of national environmental protection is carried out energetically in Beijing and other places but the goods such as degradation polybag.

Degradation is plastic it is a kind of when in recent years scientific worker pollutes ” in the light of “ white and develop new-style product, this product has controllable service life, due property holds inside term of service, and once discard,can decompose naturally in environment, turn pair of environment hurtless into the young member such as water or carbon dioxide.

Production degradation is plastic goods is a very complex process, it is from the element structure or additive respect think method makes his be in environment commonly degradation. Degradation also is a complex chemical process, the degradation that says commonly is plastic it is to show what pass illumination or microbial action to be able to produce degradation in environment is plastic. The plastic product that has illumination ability degradation only once earth, lost illumination, degradation process stops. And biology degradation is plastic it is to rely on microbial action, those who be like and so on of enzymatic, bacterium is microbial, drop its “ digestive ” . Process of these two kinds of degradation gets the limitation of natural condition. Can you produce a kind of light, live thing so is double degradation plastic? This is the task that the scientists of each countries are very interested in. Current, major nation and our country had solved this difficult problem on the world, the starch with be joined certain in making plastic process, cellulose and much saccharide material can be made as inserts, double degradation is plastic and general in 2-12 original shape was lost inside the month, become small fragment, degradation is finished basically.
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