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Unveil group of daily life small mystery
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We encounter group of a few mysteries in daily life middling, if somebody is us to solve, that is too good.

Pittsburgh city blocks Neijitu the employee of ministry of book house science and technology is doing this kind of good work all the time, this branch has 395 thousand to collect books, 425 thousand regular publications and the governmental report of thousands of, because be received every year,inquire near 100 thousand variously, the employee of ministry of science and technology established a special record, so that can rapid solve these problems correctly. A few wonderful example are below:

Do we lie between ▲ how long to blink?

The mankind blinks 5 seconds every 1 times probably. If an Everyman has 16 everyday the hour is awake, so this individual blinks about eleven thousand five hundred times everyday, a year 4.2 million.

Does ▲ digest a meal to want how long?

Person stomach can accommodate the food of about one liter, and meet send enteron these food slowly inside 2~6 hour other place. After you eat the first meal 12 hours, colon begins to excrete trash.

▲ astronaut is when aerospace, some of what change does the body have?

Astronaut is in spacelab when, because vertebra is pulled,lengthen continuously, height can increase 3.5~5.5 centimeter. Because move on the organ inside body, their waistline can reduce 78 centimeters; Ham and calf are met attenuate, the reason is leg ministry muscle forces blood and the upper part of the body of other liquid flow direction.

Do we have ▲ how many hair?

General National People's Congress has 100 thousand hair without exception. Carrottop has 90 thousand, fair person has 140 thousand. Most person turns around to send 50~100 root everyday.

Does ▲ spider written guarantee how many time a net needs?

The 30~60 when general spider knits the net of a circle to need minute. Some spiders want knot new network every night, additional some aux would rather repair old network.

Can the Niagara Falls of ▲ United States have the day that disappear?

The water below Niagara Falls have diarrhoea rushs below chute big deep hole, erode the shaly cliff above ceaselessly again. Chute at be being formed 10 thousand years ago since, already backed down up to now 11 kilometers are much. With this speed computation, chute can disappear after 24 thousand years.

▲ besides idiomatic left hand or right hand, what does the person still have to control a preference?

The —— that use some edge is used to when most person uses eye, ear and base is right normally. One considers to discover: The person that has 72 % is idiomatic the right hand, like to have 5.3 % only with left-hand. On the other hand, the person that has 46 % likes to use right base, and idiomatic of left foot have 3.9 % only however.

Can the lake face with frozen ▲ bear how old weight?
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