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The courtship signal of firebug
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The light that firebug gives out is the contact signal between copulatory and seasonal male and female. But if the firebug of different sort is the work by courtship of “ smooth ” merely, do not make a mistake with respect to hard to avoid object, cause a disorder. For this, firebug deduces a kind of complex signal system. Male bug issues the flashy signal that has rhythm above all in the dim light of night. Pass courtship information; In forest the female bug of perch gives out reply subsequently. Respondent with there is a format to secure between call, the interval of structural rigor. According to the difference on different flashy kind and interval, male bug can distinguish the female bug of congener female bug and other category come. Once female bug appears respondent mistake, reply or late or early, can make chase after the person that love to pay huge price.
The firebug of southeast Asia shows demeanour of a kind of gent however when courtship, they are not eager to hope for success, stay comfortably in forest land to give out brightness to the middle of darkness leisurely however. All male bug are planted no matter group of amounts how many, synchronous issue the flashy signal that has rhythm. And female bug admires attention. Search ” of bug of the “ in oneself meaning carefully. The course is examined strictly, female bug can achieve what one wishes.

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