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The geographical knowledge on ensign
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One, the foliage from ensign visits a country
Canadian element calls the state of “ maple ” , there is a maple part of a historical period on ensign. The country that maple is Canada is cultivated, maple leaf is Canadian nation is indicative.

There is a lofty and forceful palmy tree on Haitian ensign.

There is the nutmeg of special local product of this country on Grenada ensign. Nutmeg is crop of a kind of flavor.

There is a cedar in the ensign of Lebanon. The country that cedar is Lebanon is cultivated.

The draw on Equatorial Guinea ensign has a lofty and brawny mangrove, it is the intertropical tree that grows in wet environment.

The leaf that position of the be placed in the middle on Bai Lici ensign has 50 green surrounds national emblem. Bai Lici forest is resourceful, special local product a lot of precious lumber, the dweller is main bread with cutting. The crowbar on ensign, hammer, ax, tool that curiuming is cutting. These design report give main characteristic of Bailici.

There is the green olive branch of two acrosses on the ensign of Cyprus. Olive is a calumet, see in Cyprus everywhere.

There are 3 a cacao, sugar canes and a string of banana on Fiji ensign, figure ground shows the economic characteristic of this country is to plant these intertropical crop.

Shengwensente and Gelinnadingsi have leaf of a bredfruit on ensign. This kind of tree is constant green tree, the tree is more than 10 meters tall, fructification but edible, the flesh pledges thick pine is like biscuit, contain starch, flavour resembles a potato.

2, the animal on ensign

Uganda ensign be placed in the middle is crane of an imperial crown. The country that imperial crown crane is Uganda bird.

Zimbabwe ensign Zun Fang has bird of a Zimbabwe. Its since Zimbabwe indicates peculiarly, also be old culture is indicative.

There is a manucode on ensign of Papua New Guinea. The country that manucode is a Papua New Guinea bird.

Jilibasi the naval bird on ensign is the seabird with this the commonnest country, also be force and freedom is indicative.

There is case of —— of its country bird to check Er bird in Guatemala ensign.

There is the South-American vicugna of indicative animal community in Peruvian ensign.

3, form from ensign see religious belief

Green is the lucky color of Moslem country, the ensign of most Moslem country uses green color, deserve to have new moon pattern. Be like, the country such as Algerian, Libyan, Turkey, Pakistan.

The pattern that there is wheel in ensign is buddhism is indicative, be like India.

4, visit territory of national administration division into districts from ensign

The Stars and the Stripes of American ensign —— , red white alternate with 13 (red 7 white 6) , start battle to ask for and acquiring 13 administrative divisions of the victory, dan Baixing's amount wants to change according to the amount of the city, every increase a city to increase a Bai Xing.
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