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"Somnambulate " because,be after all what
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◆ somnambulate strange person went 30 kilometers.

On September 14, media coverage, a of Ning Bo middleaged man took route of nearly 30 kilometers actually in somnambulate, and after going tired, still cross the enclosure of dweller home, soporous below others home eave. After he is waked up, write down at all how do removing his walk into others home.

This somnambulate person wife says, because for for fear that he goes out,get into trouble, before sleeping every night, always want kitchen knife of what had collected. Actually, 2 grade student also has an elementary school in Beijing peace this defect, his mother says, he is in somnambulate when shutting an eye to walk, but always can sheer the obstacle in front. So, how does somnambulate happen after all? What can the phenomenon of somnambulate tell us?

Somnambulate of night of ◆ little boy, mom scratch one's head over.

When “ first time discovers he is shutting an eye to ambulate in the room, I was psyched out, the mom of ” small brave tells a reporter, I think “ this child is in somnambulate. But, listen to an old person to say to see the person of somnambulate cannot wake him up certainly, should wait for him to return slowly continue to sleep on the bed oneself awake, call him suddenly to be able to frighten him otherwise mad ” .

Every arrive at this moment, the mom of small brave looks at him silently, although had taken away the dangerous article in the room, but sleep in the evening everyday, of the mom of small brave or be nervous, he is in for fear that somnambulate when bump on the wall or on the cabinet. The mom of small brave says, small brave is in somnambulate when shutting an eye to walk, but he can sheer the obstacle in front however. Sometimes he still can go to the side of toy chest to take out the toy that likes most at ordinary times well and truly from inside, walk along impartiality of a few paces to sit athwart on sofa to play again next.

It is intended that I suspect “ him? But ask he is written down by day do not remember what producing yesterday evening, look at the eyes with small confused brave unlike is to lying. The mom of ” small brave says.

Water is burned to cook in ◆ dream, somnambulate makes habitual conduct more.

Taking the question of small brave mom, the reporter found the director Zhang Jing of Chinese Morpheus association to be taught all right. Professor Zhang tells a reporter, the somnambulate that we weigh at ordinary times is told well and truly should make say to sleep a disease. Because somnambulate is not,rise to walk or do a business in the Morpheus phase that daydream. When the person is daydreaming, systemic muscle is break down cannot act. Accordingly, research discovers somnambulate happens when deep Morpheus of the person and shallow Morpheus are alternant only. In the Morpheus with alternant depth, the person's body can move, the person in those days also has certain consciousness.
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