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How does the car turn
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Vehicle should encounter turning situation in the hard to avoid in the process that advance. Steering wheel should lean when the car turns, and on railroad the train of travel does not have steering wheel, so, is it how implementation turns?

We know, the train is all the time along orbit travel, because the wheel of the train gets rail control all the time. The wheel of the train is different from other wheel, its most outside circuit calls “ tire (Gu) ” , make with a kind of special rolled steel. The share that there is circuit tower above on “ tire ” calls “ flange ” , the “ flange ” of train wheel is to embed first and last in inside of two parallel rail. When the train sails the turn, inertial make be bent outside the tire of side wheel is clingy rail, at this moment, outboard rail gives flange a kind of lateral pressure namely centripetal force, make the wheel goes along rail. And, there is a rake on the interface of the tire of train wheel and rail, when this rake helps the train enter curved talk, the different share on same wheel has taken tortuous course each at the same time inside, outside the rail of two side, make two wheels on same axle adopted curved method smoothly so.

Of course, the train is in straight on the road travel is nonexistent issue, so, have the aid of at tire, the train can make the same score quietly to advance in the high speed on railroad.

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