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Water blames fokelore how to much know
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Canadian famous water is strange Aogubugu is truncal like the root

The famousest water in Canadian lake is Aogubugu quite. It is almost OK with the famousest Ni Sihu water places on a par quite. It lives in all corners of the country of abstruse card accept. This lake is long and narrow laky, be located in Britannic Colombia to save the southern part. Although grow 128 kilometers only, wide do not cross 3 kilometers, but however deep cold. Like be the same as Ni Sihu, all corners of the country of abstruse card accept forms the Stone Age at the earth, by glacier period slush is pounded and become.
The ancient Indian that lives the earliest here ever had discovered it. When crossing a lake every time, they always should take a dog or a chicken goes aboard. In the lake, if water appears quite, be apart from a boat very close, indian abandons the dog on the boat or chicken the lake goes, so that assure,oneself can in good health in safety. Go up century 70 time, a woman that is called silk of susan · Ai Li sees there is on lake face truncal. Abrupt, this truncal begin an activity, against the wind is moved in lake middle reaches upstream, come in great numbers from this people.

Lake of ” of American “ Shang Pu can become angry quite

Last year, the ” of United States of program “ good morning of the ABC broadcasted a paragraph of kinescope solely, in kinescope, the United States has “ thing ” to be in below face of Shang Pulan lake emerge move, it is fabulous that somebody guesses this is very possible from this medium lake is strange. Image of the two FBIs before the name expresses after assayer analysis, kinescope is true apparently, but the specific content that they did not disclose kinescope.

According to saying, lake of ” of “ Shang Pu is strange as chameleon, the skin can become color of green of black, gray, Brown, liver mosses, red metal to wait, length goes to 56 meters in 3 meters between, the upheaval that there are many similar humps on the back or dish roll, there are horn and hair on the neck of a pig or horse on the head, the eye is glisten, what its jaw is the same as alligator is same. But the scientist thinks Shang Pulan lake does not have a lake to blame at all, what eyewitness sees is the fish with a few giant bodily form such as sturgeon and other and marine animal only. The formation of this lake the history was controlled 10000 only, the possibility very little of dinosaurian period an eccentric person is concealed in the lake so.

” of strange animal of “ of Caspian person entity may be returned because of pollution ancestor

The last few years, a lot of dwellers with Caspian south and southwest coastal ministry claim, they discovered mysterious person entity animal. One of eyewitness of ” of “ strange animal “ cling to the captain dagger of library date ” sends · Gai Sinuo's husband to say: &Ldquo; it and boat ran paralell for a long time. Long hairiness is sent on its head, still growing two arms! ”
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