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How is can lighting ice formed
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More than 10 years ago, russia has a natural gas expert to be gone to for research the influence of the affusion in natural gas well to producing tolerance, allow a worker infuse of 20 tons of water at a heat in the well. Unexpectedly, natural gas went out not to come, the air pocket that still just vents his anger becomes inanimate immediately. can water pin natural gas? This is unlikely thing. This natural gas expert decides to the infuse in air pocket 2 tons of methanol. Without a few hours, air pocket jet. He continues to study this one strange phenomenon, discover original gas to form to hydrate content very easily below microtherm and high-pressured condition. In the depth of air pocket, temperature is low, pressure is great, after water notes a person, be united in wedlock very quickly with the natural gas in the well rise, form —— of a kind of special to hydrate content to be able to light ice. Gas and water form ice, gas how Where is ejective air pocket? And after the methanol that note a person, methanol and water have very big affinity, destroyed the structure that can light ice so, let gas be liberated again come out, new and ejective ground.
People can think of very naturally to be in the sea, put probably in what abound to be able to light ice. Through the effort of oceangrapher and chemist, this guesses get confirming eventually, discovered in arctic sea floor many can light ice. The structure that can light ice is very peculiar, be in 1 to be able to light ice all round aeriform element, surrounding 6 water element, want a water take out only, it is a kind of ideal fuel. Its calorific value is very high, crouch of glacial internal pressure can be lighted in every stere 2 imprint of stere can burn gas. Their reserves also is gotten greatly in ocean breathtaking, now already the reserves of ascertain, the total reserve that compares coal, oil and natural gas is even hundreds of times larger. Can use on thousands of years for the mankind at least.

Why can be the bottom formed in marine ocean so rich can light ice, did not consider to appear up to now. Press muscularity because of sea floor according to conjectural likelihood, by heavy sea of faces of the body after the biology in ocean is dead, course bacterium is decomposed, make the flammability gas such as methane, ethane, form with water union next can light ice. Since ancient times up to now, , formed such can light glacial mineral resources. But, although this kind of explanation is reasonable, appear pale however. Ordinarily gas is lighter than water, it should risk an offing, in releasing atmosphere, come. Why to get copy of sea of faces instead, be united in wedlock with water? Still have a problem, after deep-sea biology dies, the body is float commonly in offing, of bottom of very few heavy sea of faces, by not heavy sea of faces, how to talk to go up again decompose methane and ethane combustibility gas? If afore-mentioned theory hold water, so terrestrial the natural gas that go up is early should form with groundwater can light ice, why don't have such? So, this talks paltrily.
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