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How can Chinese classroom just provide vitality more
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Everything for the student, ought to become the classroom life attitude of all teachers. This is again simple actually the truth that does not pass, the value that the teacher exists depends on the student's need, without the student, the teacher not needs to exist. Because had the student's need,be, the need of study, just produced a teacher this one profession; is not for the teacher this one profession, just go trying to make student and study.

Countermeasure 3: Optimize, the relation that improves teachers and students:
Activate safety, democratic dialog atmosphere, make the student dare say; Build harmonious, cheerful dialog atmosphere, make the student wants to say.
Pedagogic affection is devoted, what can make up for him business is insufficient. To the student's love, can let him teacher become clever rise.

Countermeasure 3: Compose builds mode of education of Chinese of ” of “ problem dug:
“ reads the personalized behavior that is a student, do not answer to come to those who replace a student read practice with pedagogic analysis. ” reads education in Chinese in, we think through relapsing and test and verify, compose built Chinese of “ problem dug to learn mode ” .

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