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Beijing University recruits Number One Scholar most
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Chinese alumni association net is released " findings report of Number One Scholar of 1999-2007 China the university entrance exam " . The report shows, come 8 this years, number One Scholar of the university entrance exam most the university of favour is Beijing University, the major that likes most is economic management.

Schoolgirl number passes a schoolboy more

In 1999-2007 year in Number One Scholar of countrywide the university entrance exam, the schoolgirl is occupied about 51.45% , slightly over schoolboy, and present ascendant trend of year after year. Occupy when 1999 33.82% , arrived to already rose 2007 to 62.79% , rise nearly one times. Proportion of the schoolboy in science department Number One Scholar is higher, occupy 63.47% , the schoolgirl in liberal art Number One Scholar is occupied 64.43% .

Beijing University recruits Number One Scholar most

4 colleges of 14 colleges that the college that Number One Scholar chooses centers in inland and Hong Kong area, in addition 1 person goes to the United States, two people emigrate because of the university entrance exam or violate discipline punish and lose out. The Number One Scholar that chooses to read Beijing University is most, have 347 people.

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