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How can Chinese classroom just provide vitality more
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Why to want “ to stick ” ? Because be in classroom dialog, the teacher did development to ground to read and read much material ahead of schedule, thereby ” of “ block up oneself, had done the sufficient preparation that classroom speaks, achieved as equal as text status it seems that. But because suffer life experience, read ability, grind the influence that reads degree, the student is in weak power position, because this is in study and dialog, their hard to avoid can appear peripheral, one-sided be a mistake even unscramble. Need a teacher most in the student so when, the teacher wants the advent like appropriate provide timely help, otherwise, study “ of the student from stream drift, aleatoric thing ” , does pedagogic existence have He Yiyi again?
How does “ stick ” ? A word, need teachs ability teaching, need teaching must have taught. Common method cites to alternate, grind cull phrases but not meaning, nit-pick on words, slow fine grind, recital beauty is read. For example the processing of new word word, appear as an independent education segment no longer, put in however religion in reading, be corrected randomly or aggrandizement, such not only the prepare lessons before class that promoted a student, still accomplished a word not to leave from word, word sentence, and have a definite object in view, avoided invalid labor. Compose setting for instance again, needless in guide after the text, do not divide green red black and write to roll out the literal introduction of large space mechanically, put when the student unscrambles text to need most however, perhaps saying is when leaving setting to be no good, ” of pedagogic “ provide timely help, “ of ground of dripping wet of merry and lively irrigates it appear ” ! This not only the ”“ of anger of “ of thinking of student of optimal opportunity —— that chose to teach is at a loss for words ” when, and make classroom education appearance appears gave “ hill heavy water answer doubt does not have a road, promising the beauty of the free and easy of another village ” .
To what degree does “ stick ” ? Say wraparoundly, stick peripheral “ namely ” is deep, stick one-sided “ ” is comprehensive, stick the “ that reads by accident ” is correct, stick general “ ” is meticulous ——“ sticks ” it obviously for nothing, “ sticks ” it is lucid, “ sticks ” it an incisively and vividly, “ sticks ” it enchanted and resonant.

A home to return to of 5. education is student —— excited a period of time, the canal uses all one's life:
The stay with final education is nodded, should fall of knowledge of honest student Chinese accumulate, read ability rise, on the promotion of affection manner viewpoint of value, what walk out of from classroom is each “ is new my ” . Chinese education, want to let ” of student “ excited a period of time not only, more want “ canal to use ” all one's life.
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