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How can Chinese classroom just provide vitality more
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Inspect a student to be utterly ignorant and emotionless container, ignored the education of the student's feeling and experience, how may be the student participated in?

Think over 3: The relation of you and student how?
Professor Lu Jiamei of Shanghai advocates current and urgent need applies affection psychology to be advanced theoretically new reform of round of curriculum, his viewpoint can generalize for 4 words: With affection actor teachs. He says, dominant mood condition of the teacher holds the balance to the influence of education effect. Review our Chinese classroom, too grave, earnest? Decorous without the fault, can but be gone after blindly,you also lose an audience? What we always cherish pair of knowledge is infinite and awe-stricken, the infinite contented that to oneself education designs enters classroom, and the student that should do not have least of all in the eye alone only? Just think, be in a likelihood to be mixed by ignore satiric medium student, self-abased, self-condemned, nervous, angst, he Tan is mixed easily cheerful, be safe even? No wonder student not dare character says, do not think character says, also cannot character said. Become silent the backside of classroom, it is the left and right sides of pedagogic mood so. Safe, it is the psychological foundation that realizes a dialog.
Professor Lu says again, want to realize harmonious dialog, have 3 element: The person that tell is sentimental; Audition person state of mind is cheerful; The person that tell and the person be on speaking terms that listen. This 3 person be short of one cannot. I think of, sometimes we were accomplished all over the face caboodle laugh, very amiable, the account that why learns to be born or do not buy us can you be? The reason that eliminate education designs, the dominant mood that is a teacher then should be not behaved only in classroom in 45 minutes, however perforative live in whole education from beginning to end, namely you must maintain a good relationship with the student. Fire just was sent before your class, perhaps be one face gravity at ordinary times, the temporarily kind expression on Chan Ping class, still cannot walk into the student's heart truly. Contrary is, some teachers business is general, prepare lessons to also did not issue too great time, query also not likely has clever, why can you suffer a student to like fully however, classroom atmosphere is result of active, education right also? Look now, this and teachers and students have more harmonious relation be closely bound up at ordinary times.
The student is agreed with to pedagogic affection, it is the premise that realizes effective education.

Countermeasure one: Analysis, begin from contradiction:
Sun Shaozhen teachs ground of indignation of Ceng Man antrum to point out, in education of Chinese of current middle school, what be full of in great quantities is invalid analysis, round periphery revolve, glide to the surface by the surface, cause many worry about troubles of one's own imagining. He says: “ repeats the thing of student see with half an eye on Chinese classroom, I am opposite from times of high school student very detest. Thenceforth I with respect to aspire, some day, I must tell a student to feel when Chinese teacher say not to come out again, perhaps thinking is see with half an eye, the stuff that is utterly ignorant actually comes. ”
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