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How can Chinese classroom just provide vitality more
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Education of for example novel, mr. Yu Yingchao of Hubei thinks, study the education of the novel, want to study the basic content of novel education first; Study the basic content of novel education, it is to let us know lucidly, what should novel education teach. Professor Wang Shangwen of Zhejiang thinks, the content of literary work teaching, this sees the problem that be like is not a problem, just is a when exist in teaching of our literature work at present the biggest question. President Li Hailin of Shanghai is more point out straight from the shoulder, the student does not have enthusiastic real reason almost to the novel on teaching material, not be teaching method, however the both neither that we teach education content —— is the thing that the student is interested in, also not be the thing that the meeting when we read a novel at ordinary times pays close attention to, we taught a few otiose the thing.
What does “ teach ” , antonym language teacher is a challenge forever. But reality is however: Taught a student disinclination, taught what do not pay close attention to even oneself as the reader, taught otiose, taught him student to be able to be done understand, taught the blame of text general character individual character. Contrary is what “ didn't teach ” : Did not teach a student to be interested, did not teach what want attention for certain as the reader, did not teach more useful, did not teach him student to do what do not understand, did not teach text individual character blame general character.
Such education, how may be the student participated in?

Think over 2: Did you set out from the student's heart?
By fish of famous “ of fairy tale of the creed that build compose it is piscine ” , we know, the fish can assemble his original knowledge experience afresh only, construction removes the understanding of pair of new knowledge. The creed that build compose thinks, the student is the person build compose of his knowledge. Study is learner is on foundation of original knowledge experience, build the process of token of compose interior psychology and new knowledge meaning actively, include structural sex knowledge already, also include many experience setting. Learner is not passive ground accepts knowledge, undertake choose actively and be machininged to information however. The student is not set out from same setting, set out from different setting however. Study should be to be below the assistance that the teacher waits for, form a kind of individual information to machine a process, build compose to go out more the thing that accords with a meaning.
Accordingly, the most effective education, it is the education that sets out from student heart certainly: With the student foregone for start, break intellectual balance ceaselessly again, make new “ develop area ” recently.
Before long, we always are one's own wishful thinking nod to student elaborate design is cut ably, searching those who enter text the quickest, it is even most the method of “ scientific ” , and the feeling the student and problem are desolate aside, pardonable occasionally the student respects ” of course of study to this kind of “ of the teacher and not buy it, what tell because of teacher place is not think in their heart, at least is not they care most, most the problem that is eager to wanting to solve. You also appeared to tell you on classroom then, I think me, the collective topic of equal dialog is lacked between teachers and students, make communicate thereby almost sink backwater, should be harmonious harmony originally, became the awkwardness of grease difficult be in harmony however now. Then classroom also cannot breathe freely, life vigor also no longer, the sort of coma slack, helpless bear from become silent classroom repeats.
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