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How can Chinese classroom just provide vitality more
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What is just effective text analysis? How to undertake effective text is analysed?
Mr. Sun thinks, we undertake an analysis to work, if be satisfied at the oneness between work and object, this is actually arrive from the surface of the surface glide. What is an analysis? Analyse even if announce the inherent contradiction that is unified thing depth it seems that originally come out, analytic object is contradiction and difference, do not have without contradiction in order to analyse. How to discover contradiction? Announce through reductive imagination namely come out —— wants above all from the “ in standard speech reductive ” gives it original, be born formerly, in the dictionary, normative meaning, mix it next in context, namely the semantics in specific words condition tries to compare, find out the contradiction of meantime, enter analytic administrative levels thereby.

Countermeasure 2: All classroom life attitude for student —— teacher:
The preparation of 1. education is student —— examines text with the student's eye:
When the teacher is preparing lessons, if cast the dependence of any pair of data above all, examine text with the student's eye and psychology, meet utmost ground prediction science affection, obtain precious “ ” of the first impression, design education process accordingly thereby. This kind personally “ enters the water the “ temperature ” that ” experiences, experience of teachers and students jointly just about, became the topic that equality of the teachers and students on classroom speaks consequently.

Of 2. education prelusive it is the affection that student —— with a view to brings a student into play:
Namely of education guide, the interest of student of with a view to is nodded, devote oneself to to bring the student's mood into play, arouse a student to be read strongly thereby expect and learn interest.

The start of 3. education is student —— hoists the sails from the student's heart sailing:
The student just is the main body of study, the host of study, their experience, experience, ability, affection, manner, habit, they are preliminary the feeling that contacts text and problem, just be the start of education. Actually this should be an extremely simple question originally: Be who is learning after all? It is the student is learning, it is the teacher learns in help student, is not a teacher learning or be to replace a student learning.
To sum up in a word, education must hoist the sails from the student's heart sailing. This is the education concept that “ teachs ” with learning to decide.

The process of 4. education is student —— teacher wants “ to stick ” to wear student teaching:
What is meant by “ to stick ” ? Offer conversational topic by the student namely, the teacher follows the student's train of thought to go, the student does not teach from what can understand, the ability that cannot understand teachs —— the teacher is the part that regards watcher of a “ as ” , participator and of existence. Tell from dimensional feeling, the teacher is after be on a student, of keep sb at an arm's length. After “ learns first, this teachs the education of ” the concept namely.
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