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How to alleviate pressure of the university entrance exam
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The first, want to enhance the actual strength of examinee study.
The confidence of every examinee builds the foundation that learning actual strength to go up. Build only go up in this foundation, ability brings the enthusiasm of examinee into play adequately, assure the develops oneself adequately latent capacity in the exam. Before the university entrance exam, check leakage fill a vacancy, build intellectual system and network, catch grip good classroom 45 minutes, master the requirement of the university entrance exam, come him aggrandizement study actual strength.

The 2nd, do not hit fatigue tactics.

Many examinee like to carry lamp night fighting. The result is done dog-tiredly. Some examinee the 2nd class is downhearted in the morning, bend over to sleep on the table even. In the condition that fatigue tactics makes they are immersed in mood be agitated, affect the confidence of the university entrance exam thereby. Want to learn to hit efficiency battle, rhythm has regular ground daily life and review, be helpful for energetic, be helpful for enhancing confidence.

The 3rd, want to learn to apply cask principle.

Every examinee has the course of relative dominant position and the course relative to weak force oneself relatively. Examinee wants aggrandizement advantage course, enhance oneself confidence thereby, rely on it to take high component. Make up for weak force course, adopt really significant measure small step to advance, one step will raise the actual strength of weak force course, thereby the confidence that him aggrandizement takes an exam.

The 4th, goal of the university entrance exam is proper.

Examinee can try to find out the real intention according to oneself the expectation value that the success of the exam will come decide him the university entrance exam. Examinee locates target of the university entrance exam exorbitant, can increase exam angst, reduce confidence, if examinee has located exam target low, affect the play of potential.

The 5th, undertake autosuggestion actively.

The suggestion can change his confidence. Active suggestion can raise the person's confidence, inactive suggestion can reduce the person's confidence. Examinee should avoid the influence of inactive suggestion as far as possible before the university entrance exam. Examinee wants the circumstance according to oneself, apply confidence of active suggestion aggrandizement, for example, read aloud with the silent in the exam before the exam: “ I am certain can the university entrance exam is successful! I have ”“ actual strength ” , “ I can go ” . Last bits, hold out a bosom to look up on foot namely. The person is in confident when, hold out a bosom to look up, walk along a road to come pace is sturdy and strong. Examinee often holds out a bosom to look up, walk pace is strong, rate is a bit rapid, conduce to enhance confidence.

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