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Pre-test reads heuristic education process
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The education Great Masters of another generation explore generation difficultly, doubt forms a lot of education mode, be like,they are the valuable data of process of contemporary heuristic education: Hair on the neck of a pig embraces ” of?rdquo; interlocution type, education process is: Quiz---Think----Answer doubt----Exercise----Evaluation; Heerbate's “ is tuitional type ” , education process is: Tuitional----Understand----Consolidate----Apply----Examination; Dewey's “ teachs oneself type ” , education process is: Self-study----Solve doubt----Exercise----Judge oneself----Feedback; ” of “ collaboration type, education process is: Revulsive----Learn----Discuss----Exercise----Evaluation; ” of “ research style, education process is: Problem----Exploration----Report----Rejoin----Evaluation; Buluna's “ discovers type ” , education process is: Self-study----Discuss----Inspire----Exercise----Summary; Wei Shusheng's “ participates in type ” , education process is: Directional----Self-study----Discuss----Answer doubt----Written guarantee oneself ……

Oneself are in long-term education practice, the inspiration education mode reduce 6 paces, namely read through —— grinds read —— discussion —— to sum up —— to practice —— extending. Show cent to narrate as follows:

One, read through

Read through is from A to Z read whole book or full text. This one pace holds whole book or full text from whole namely, accomplish grind the know fairly well before reading, what is the content of whole book or full text, have those intellectual dots, those are foregone, some it is sealed, those are keys, some it is difficulty, accomplished a bosom friend to know those to just can emerge victorious in every battle.
1, recite full text, assume overall responsibility carelessness. If come up against rare word to be able to jump,pass at this moment, catch author affection to experience author mood emotional appeal of purpose.
2, complete Ban Qisong, passion stimulates an interest. Only whole class reads ability together to wake up the new spirit of all sleep deeply. Beat all moods rise, popular feeling ran high only, the interest that just also can learn the mostest student is aroused. Brew first-rate mood and atmosphere for the study below.

2, grind read

Grind to read even if be studied read. This one process is serious on the foundation of read through study whole book or full text, it is specific topic expressions, difficult to get an expressions, excessive expressions, summary expressions, beautiful expressions, new word sentence. Should foster student “ adequately not to move writing not to read right now the good convention of ” . Serious circle, dot, delimit, batch. In this one process must look for intellectual key, difficulty and the place that do not understand, want to be good at discovering a problem, can guide a student to discover from the following respects:
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